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  • Walk entire line and look for abnormalities

  • Inspect conveyors from start to finish

  • Inspect pumps for leaks

  • Turn on Ovens and set to temperature

  • Begin making slurry with desired catalyst from work order

  • Was recycled water used for slurry ?

  • Turn on Conveyors

  • Inspect each conveyor while line is running. Check for any bent, broken or damaged in any way

  • Fill Hopper with CatTrap as gently as possible. No free fall over 1 foot

  • Place new SuperSack at the end of line

  • Begin processing Actiphase

End of Day Actiphase Line clean up

  • Turn off conveyors and oven

  • Clean Reservoir tank

  • Circulate water for 30 minutes

  • Sweep and vacuum all CatTrap debri from conveyors and floor

  • Empty contaminated applicator water into reusable tank for slurry

  • Open applicator doors and spray down rollers and sides

  • Refill applicator with clean water and run for 30 minutes

  • Remove Face plate from pumps and clean

  • Did you prepare slurry today? If so, how many batches?

5S Methodology

  • 1S: Eliminate unnecessary items from the workspace [sort]

  • 2S: Arrange items so that they are easy to use, find and put away [Set In Order]

  • 3S: Keep all the items and work area neat and clean [Shine]

  • 4S: Standardize the tasks and work procedures [Standardize]

  • 5S: Make a habit of maintaining the correct procedures [Sustain]

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