Cleaning Audit Completed by
Chris Stevens Contract Liaison Manager
Moat Homes
Front of Scheme Image
Scheme Address
Cleaning Attendance Sheet

Cleaning Operative

Cleaning Operatives Team Leader/Supervisor

Scheme Last Cleaned

Was Cleaning Being Carried Out On Inspection

Hard Floor


Entrance Areas - External and Internal

Cobwebs Internal and External

General Dusting

Damp Wiping Surfaces, Doors, Ledges Etc

Stair Nosing's

Lights and Light Units



Marks on walls, doors, appliances, switches Etc

Communal Internal Door Glass Partitions

Communal Glass

Bin Areas

Bulk Rubbish Bin Area/Outside Areas
Bulk or items in communal internal area

Additional Comments

Is a Deep Clean Required to be Booked

Further Action Required

Works To Be Carried Out By
Re Inspection Date
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