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  • Conducted on

  • Lead Auditor

  • Micro zone area

  • Micro zone leader

1) 5S Display Board

  • Minimum content required 1. 5S organization chart 2. Macro & Micro zoning + fire escape route 3. Master schedule 4. Standards - implement at the area 5. Success story - Improvement 6. Internal audit result Sub criteria 1: Compliance herein refers to the following matters: 1. Inclusion of authorized signatories 2. Updating of documents 3. Presence of required documents Note: to include person in charge

  • Sub criteria 2: <br>1. If 5S zone leader cannot sufficiently clarify 5S board details, the maximum score for this criteria shall be 4 points.

  • Sub critieria 3:<br>1. Self audit conducted by area in monthly basis with involvement by heads that clarify to get 5 points.

2) 1S Sorting activity

  • Is 1S (Sort) being practiced and maintained Sub criteria 1: Non-compliances include : 1. Unneeded items including leftover foods 2. Foreign Object Debris (FOD)

  • Sub criteria 2:<br>Options available:<br>1. Centralized or multiple tag by zones<br>2. Red tag flow chart is to be approved by 5S Chairman (COO)

3) 2S Set to order activity

  • Is 2S (Set to order) being practiced and maintained Areas to be assessed, if applicable ( non-exhaustive): 1. Label 2. Footprint 3. Signage 4. Tooling storage 5. Material Inventory storage 6. Filing system 7. Consumables storage 8. Stationery storage 9. Common stationery 10. Staff movement 11. Meeting room availability 12. Personnel stationery 13. Machines ownership available / PIC 14. First-in-First-out implementation 15. Min-Max implementation 16. Chemical storage or cabinet (e.g. chemical list, PIC and safety data sheet 17. Chemical bottle (e.g. label and serviceable tag) 18. First aid kit (e.g. quantity, label and PIC) 19. Fire fighting system (e.g. fire extinguisher / hose reel and PIC) 20. Racks well maintained; tools and materials properly stacked and spaced; and adequate lighting at work areas 21. Dangerous machine parts adequately guarded (follow as machine manual) 22. No obstruction on fire escape route and fire fighting system (e.g. fire extinguisher/hose reel/hydrant) 23. Elevators, hoists, conveyors, etc. properly used with appropriate signals and directional warning signs 24. Adequate of PPE equipment provided, maintained, stored and used 25. Emergency safety showers and eye wash stations in good working condition 26. PMA/PMT/PMD (registered equipment) updated, valid and displayed

4) 3S Shine activity

  • Is 3S (Shine) being practiced and maintained Sub criteria 1: Areas to be assessed (non-exhaustive): 1. Wire and hose dressing 2. Presence of dust, dirt, grime, oil and other contamination 3. Restoration of torn and faded labels or any visual materials 4. General restoration on equipment or working areas 5. Rodents and smell free working area.

  • Improvement activity

  • Routine cleaning and disinfecting activity with appropriate tools.

5) Building maintenance

  • Is 5S (sustain) being practiced and maintained Sub criteria 1: 1. Condition of floor, wall & ceiling - Floor maintenance - Wall maintenance - Ceiling maintenance Note: No unneeded item (1S). Maintenance activities are available in master schedule. 2. Sub criteria 2: Issuance of SRF and email notes will be considered as no non compliance. Support document needed Email, SRF, TDL, Minute of meeting SON is needed for project base.

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