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SAW Hazard Inspection


  • Is appropriate PPE being worn by workers/contractors in the area?

  • Are PPE stations fully stocked? i.e. chemical goggles etc

  • Is appropriate PPE signage displayed in the work area?


  • Work areas & walkways free from rubbish & obstructions?

  • Free from slips/trips hazards?

  • Stock/material stored safely?

  • Signage in area up to date, accuarate and visible?

  • Hoses wound up on reels?

  • Cleaning tools all in place?

Manual Handling

  • Mechanical aids provided and used? (trolleys, lift tables)

  • Safe work procedures in place and accessible?

  • Trolleys, bins, lift tables in good functional condition

  • waste product bins in good condition (check brushes and wheels)


  • Well lit area and free from glare?

  • No flickering or inoperable lights?

  • Emergency / Exit lighting functioning?

Material Storage

  • Are material stacks stable?

  • Sufficient space for moving stock?

  • Material stored in racks/bins correctly

  • Are floors around stacks and racks clear allowing for access to high shelves?

  • Waste bins are not overflowing?

  • Danger of falling objects from material/storage stacks?

  • Is there clear access to electrical cabinets and doorways?

  • Items heavier than 5kg stored lower than 1.5 meters (items that don't use mechanical aids to be accessed)

Stairs, Steps & Landings

  • Tread plates on steps are not worn or broken?

  • Are kick plates in place where required?

  • Are handrails in good condition (yellow)?

  • Are stairways clear of obstructions?

  • Is there emergency lighting?

  • Are steps/stairs clean of debris and spills?

Mobile Plant & Equipment

  • Plant and equipment in good condition?

  • Has the daily safety inspection checklist been completed?

  • Warning lights operational?

  • Reversing alarm operational?

  • Loading/unloading procedures in place?

  • Tyres in satisfactory condition?

  • Mobile plant/pedestrian segregation in place?

Hazardous Substances

  • Stored Appropriately

  • Containers labelled correctly

  • No leaks from DG cabinets

  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS's) available

  • SDS available no older than 5 years

  • Chemical handling procedures, work instructions available?

  • CO2 monitors operational and calibrated

  • Chemical foaming units in good condition

Emergency Equipment

  • Emergency showers & eye wash stations have effective, continuous flow?

  • Access to shower clear of obstructions?

  • No visually broken parts, pipe damage or leakages?

  • Shower has highly visible emergency sign?

  • Inspection tag initialled and dated?

  • Diphoterine solution available in work area?

Fire Control

  • Extinguishers in stored correctly on structure with signage?

  • Fire fighting equipment serviced/tagged?

  • Extinguishers in place appropriate to area hazard?

  • Emergency exit signage in place?

  • Fire hoses labelled for fire use only?

  • Emergency exit signage working

First Aid

  • FA cabinet available in the area?

  • Local First Aiders names displayed at on cabinet or department entrance?

  • FA cabinet stocked to requirements of the contents list?

  • FA items in the kit are not expired?

  • Appropriate emergency/first aid equipment - shower, eye bath, extinguishers, In good condition?


  • Washrooms clean?

  • Toilets clean?

  • Locker area clean?

  • Meal break rooms clean and tidy?

  • Rubbish bins not overflowing?


  • Electrical cabinets locked?

  • No broken plugs, sockets, switches?

  • Tools & leads inspected and tagged?

  • Fire extinguisher within vicinity of electrical cabinets?

Machine/Conveyor Guarding

  • All pinch points guarded and secured?

  • All machine guards in good condition?

  • Any machine guards removed or broken?

  • Signage indicating hazards behind removable machine/conveyor guards?


Environmental Checklist

  • Are all waste materials well separated into the correct waste bin?

  • Is hazardous waste separated and stored in an identified area?

  • Are the waste storage areas marked and clean?

  • Spill kits available and fully stocked (pads, absorbent)?

  • No leakage observed of water, steam, CO2, compressed air?

  • Is all possible energy & water saving equipment switched off during a production stop?

  • No leakage observed of wastewater/spill directly into stormwater system?

  • Is the department Aspects and Impacts displayed and updated for all operations related to Hazardous/ Chemical materials?

  • No traces observed of chemicals/ fuel spills outside the secondary containment?

  • Are all control measures for hazardous substances (secondary containment, drip tray, labelling, insulation, detection systems, high level alarms, leakage detection) clear and operational?

  • Are chemical handling and cleaning procedures in place?

  • HS/DG Compatibility Chart displayed on storage locations?

  • Haz Subs containers stored appropriately in the correct storage location (secondary bund containment)?

  • No leaks from containers or bunds?

  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS's) available?

  • Were actions items identified in last routine check corrected?

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