• Audit/Page Title

  • Document No.

Level(add level)

  • Level:

  • Time of entry to riser:

Access Control

  • Type of access control?

  • Is access control working?

  • Is reader working?

  • Is Maglock working?

  • Notes:


  • Condition Rating (marks out of 10):

  • Items to be cleared:

  • Photos of riser:

  • Notes:


  • Type of floor?

  • Notes:

  • Photos of floor:


  • Space for additional wall boxes/equipment?

Cables & Cable Tray

  • Space occupied:

  • Notes:

  • Photos of cabling:

Cable Ducts

  • Number of ducts empty?

  • Number of ducts requiring fire stopping?

  • Notes:

  • Photos of ducts:

Junction boxes (not including main BT frame on every floor)

    Add Junction Box
  • Telecom company?

  • Type of junction box?

  • Is the junction box being used?


  • Additional notes:

  • Additional Photos:

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