Steriliser Manufacturer

Steriliser Model

Steriliser Serial Number and YOM

Software version/ updated version

Unit Photos

Clean out unit free from built up dust and lint

Clean out waste water and clean water tanks.

Replace and or clean bottom coarse filters/ sieves and sealing washers.

Clean chamber and rack of built up debris. Notify staff if more cleaning is required.

Clean chamber filter.

Ensure tightness of Door.

Replace door seal.

Check the door for correct operation including:

1/ door locking device

Check and adjust door contact switch where required.

Replace sterile filter where required.

Replace vacuum pump insert filter and brass seals if necessary.

Check condition and connection of all hoses. Check tightness of all tubing locking nuts.

Check pressure transducer, brass block and steel tubing for built up green residue and clean if required

Perform a component test through service software.

Check water conductivity and record reading in uS

Replace reverse osmosis filters or instruct staff to do so where required.

Check and clean water conductivity sensor and filter.

Perform a Vacuum test and ensure correct parameters.

Vacuum test leakage rate

Perform a 134'C standard cycle and ensure correct parameters

Check overall condition and performance of unit

Reset maintenance counter on steriliser

Alarm Codes:


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Follow up work required:

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Extra work performed:

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Extra parts used:

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