Instruction :
Each forklift will be operationally tested and visually inspected each day. The designated inspector will complete the audit for each item. If there is a problem related to any item leave a brief description of the problem. Immediately notify the Foreman of any lift defects.

Operating Controls (Operational)

Emergency Stop & Brakes

Operation Levers & Controls

Foot Controls

Safety Signs & Load Charts

Boom & Forks
Hydraulic Leaks
If there is a hydraulic leak, place picture here.

Extension Cylinders & Chains

Pivot Pins

Electrical Lines

Vert. Mast Sliding & Rolling Prts.

Base (Visual)
Broken, Cracked or Loose Parts
If there are damaged parts, place picture here.

Lights, Mirrors & Windows Clean

Seat Belt & It's Mounts

Tires & Outriggers

Back Up Alarm, Horn & Manual

Engine Compartment (Visual)

Oil Level

Fuel Level

Belt, Hose & Motor Condition

Battery & Electrical

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