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Safety / environmental control systems

  • Safety documentation for work in progress available, up to date with operators signed on?

  • Safety signage up to date and visible?

Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Correct PPE being used for work processes?

  • Mandatory signs displayed and in good condition?<br>

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  • Compliant with expected standards?

  • Safe access and egress to work area?

  • Trailing cables removed from work area or protected to prevent trips?

  • Floors dry, clean and free from spillages?

  • Welfare facilities (toilets, crew room, lockers) clean and in serviceable condition?

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Waste storage

  • Segregated and correctly stored?

  • Swarf bins / welding waste / general waste not contaminated with foreign objects?<br>

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Spillage kits

  • In correct location and clearly signed?

  • Sealed and ready to use?


  • Access to moving machinery controlled?

  • Machine check sheet 07-013 has been completed for all machines in area

  • Machine check actions have been recorded and closed out?

  • Machine coolant check sheet 07-010 has been completed for relevant machines in area?

  • Guards and screens in use?

  • Audible air leaks identified and reported?

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Access equipment

  • Ladders / steps inspected, tagged and in date?

  • Scaffolding inspected, tagged and in date?

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Lifting equipment

  • Lifting equipment in use / storage tagged with current colour?

  • Lifting plans in place for lifts being completed at time of inspection?

  • Lifting operation being undertaken in line with expected standards?

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  • Forklift truck daily inspection completed?

  • Tow truck daily inspection completed?

  • Vehicles observed operating in line with expected standards?

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