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  • Shift

  • Conducted on

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  • Location

Area Audit - Ink Room

  • Pre-Op Check List Complete?

  • Housekeeping Calendar checked?

Flexible Press

  • Pre-op Checklist Complete?

  • Confirm if Defect Detection System is working, light tree on, operator at monitor.

  • Randomly Choose one ink and have team member check PH / Viscosity to confirm it matches what is written down.

  • Is the SLF written on the sign off? (Goal/Actual)

  • Are we using primer if the jacket calls for it?


  • Pre-op checklist complete?

  • Adhesion Limit at Minimum or Target? Please confirm what it is in the note section.

  • Verify Adhesive matches Job.

  • Hot Box temp.? Minimum at 90 degrees, write down actual temperature in the note section.

Flexible Finishers

  • Confirm TEVA two runner pallets not mixed with other pallets.

  • Pre-op Checklist complete?

  • Safety Light Curtain ON?

  • Is there trim on the conveyor of the pouch machine?

  • Haugh Test 21 PSI for 30 seconds and look for leaks.


  • Safety Glasses Worn when handling chemicals?

  • Cut Resistant gloves used for doctor blades?

  • Team members wearing safety shoes?

GMP's All areas

  • Line Clearance?

  • No White out used?

  • No Pencil Used?

  • House keeping calendar checked? (each shift & machine)

  • Exposed razor blades?

  • Hair/Beard net worn properly (All hair contained)

  • Nothing in shirt pockets?

  • Nothing above waste?

  • No gum, food and LT issued, water bottles in designated areas.

  • Ear Plugs tethered? (Must have cord attached)

  • No Jewelry?

Audit approvals

  • Supervisor Approval

  • Auditor Approval

Audit Approvals

  • Supervisor Signature

  • Auditor Signature

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