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  • Unit : example ( 2014 MTC/ 2016 ETV)



  • Odometer Reading Start

  • Oil change sticker reading

  • Dash - warning lights / fuel level / warnings

  • lights - signal lights / brake light/ driving lights/ fog lights

  • Windshield & Window damage — No cracks or chips that impair visibility

  • Road Radio checked — Mic / Antenna connection/ Power / Check channels

  • Walk Around — Visually inspect unit and surroundings

  • Tires — Visually confirm proper inflation, check for unusual wear / mud flaps

  • Tire change supplies — Do you have? vehicle jack / tire wrench / lug nut lock (glove box)

  • Oil Level — checked / clean

  • Coolant Level — visually checked

  • Brake Fluid - visually checked

  • Power Steering Fluid - visually checked

  • Hitch Receiver — checked / pin in place

  • Truck damages — dents / scratches

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