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Exterior of Entrance:

  • Is the sidewalk clean and clear of any snow, ice, mud, garbage, or weeds.

  • Is garden tools stored away and out of sight?

  • If any signs of ice, has salt been applied?

Front Entrance:

  • Is the front door clean and streak-free?

  • Is the shoe rack clean and tidy?

  • Are there any deliveries that still needs to be put into storage?

  • Is the floor clean, dry, and clutter free?

  • Has the rug been vacuumed?

  • Is the garbage can clean and emptied?

Production Area Floor

  • Is the floor clean, dry, and clutter and spill free?

  • Any sign of dirty dishes, tools, or utensils?

  • All work surfaces and table tops is clean, dry, and clear of any clutter or debree.


  • There is no sign of obstruction to the staircase.

  • The rug at the bottom of the stairs is clean and has no signs of dirt.

  • There are no footwear at the bottom of the stairs.

  • There is no clutter at the bottom, or the top, or on the staircase.

  • The stair case is clean and show no signs of dirt.

Kitchen/ Staff Area

  • The sink area and counter is clean.

  • The garbage can is empty and clean.

  • The table is clean and clear of clutter.


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