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Review the homepage and a common content page.

  • Is the design up to date?

  • Is the branding present?

  • Is there design hierarchy so the visitor knows what is important?<br><br>

  • Are the fonts legible? (Avoid "reverse text")

  • Does the images relate to the local market and target audience?

  • Is the property search embedded in the masthead? ( easy accessible)<br>

Site navigation (UI=user interface)

  • Is the drop down menu easy to navigate?<br>

  • Is the site Mobil optimized? HTTPS://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

  • Are there child fly outs from the drop down menu?

Lead Generation

  • Is lead generation included in the homepage design for click funnels?

  • Are there ample forms/opportunities for lead generation? (Identify all lead generating forms on the site)

IEC ( Internet Empowers Consumer)

  • Are the forms on the site IEC friendly?

  • All web forms should include verbiage that advises all visitors that you will safeguard the visitors right to privacy and promise to never share, rent or sell the visitor contact information to any third party and that you require minimal information to in the form to ensure the chance of completing the form one submitting it is higher.


  • Is forced registration set up so that lead generation can occur?

  • Does the IDX offer easy navigation too make lead generation easier?

  • Is the IDX indexable or Iframed?

  • Can it target its local keywords effectively?<br>

Homepage SEO Structure (Use the "View Document" tool on the Chrome "Web Developer" extension.)

  • Does it include use of keyword friendliness of the HP Title tag?

  • Is there compelling meta data?<br>

  • Are there sub headlines tagged with heading tags?

  • Are keywords hyperlinked to other web pages so the site is sticky?

  • Is it scanner-friendly for web copy?

  • Does the website copy speak to a specific target audience and does the copy speak the their unique sets of "wants, needs and fears"?<br>

  • Obviously luxury buyers have a totally different wants, needs and fears than first time buyers.

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