• Document No.

  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel


  • Are walkways kept clear of obstructions (exit, fire extinguisher, electrical boxes, cables etc)

  • Are floor areas clean, dry and free from slip hazards

  • Are hazardous materials stored in locked storage, silicone spray,silicone,acetone

  • Safety warnings (static warning, hot surface etc) posted properly

  • Are all safety hazards properly addressed (no pinch points, trip/slip hazards, machines properly guarded, adequate lighting for work spaces)

  • Proper PPE being worn/tested


  • SW documents upto date and reflects current state with ISO form number assigned and listed on form.

  • All equipment properly tagged and calibration current?

  • All torque guns tagged, torque calibration current, and in good condition

  • Have all air tools Been lubricated and stored away

  • ESD PPE being worn properly and checked/documented

  • Are ESD bins and mats being used and working properly?

  • SQDIP posted and upto date (Letter, Graph, Action Plan)

  • Scorecard is being maintained

  • Job instructions upto date and reflects current state

  • PM current and log maintained for last 6 months minimum


  • Fixtures & benches clean and tidy (free of dirt and dust)

  • Floor tape in place and clean

  • Frequently used items on top of workspace at point of use, less frequently used items properly stored

  • Non-stationary items labeled/shadow boxed at location (tools, chemicals, etc)

  • All chemicals properly labeled and not expired?

  • Extra/empty bins removed from cell, excess supplies put back in home location

  • Have all hand tools been stored away


  • Point of use inventory (surrounding the cell layout, except VMI)

  • Inventory containers/locations labeled - shelf and bin labels

  • KB cards on all parts w/part #, description, and KB quantity (unless KB card turned in)

  • KB trigger performance - if bag is open card should be turned in

  • (DSC Only) cards on past due peg should be less than one day late

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