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dangerous/Restricted Dog Enclosure Checklist

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  • 1 - The enclosure must be fully enclosed

  • 2 - Enclosure constructed in a manner that adequately prevents unauthorised person access

  • 3 - Designed to prevent access to children

  • 4 - The enclosure is not to be positioned in such a way as to require people to have to enter the enclosure in order to access other areas of the property

  • 5 - Enclosure is to have a minimum height and width of 1.8 metres

  • 6 - The area of the enclosure must be a minimum of 10 square metres per dog

  • 7 - The enclosure floor must be made of sealed concrete

  • 8 - The enclosure walls, fixed covering/roof and gate, may be constructed from brick, timber, iron, or similar solid material, or mesh, or a combination of theses materials. Chain mesh must be a minimum of 3.5 mm wire with 50mm spacing, or weldmesh 4mm wire with 50mm spacing.

  • 9 - The enclosure walls are to be fixed to the floor and not less than 50mm from the floor

  • 10 - The enclosure must include a weatherproof sleeping area of sufficient dimensions to enable all dogs to shelter from the weather

  • 11 - The enclosure gates must be self closing and self latching, and display a warning sign (as on entry points to property

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