• Contracting Company

  • Auditor

  • Conducted on


  • Has the Vendor/Contractor been added to Intelics?

  • Is there a detailed and up to date scope of works?

  • Is the contract owner/representative been appointed by the SSE for the contractor?

  • Has the contractor supplied relevant documents updated CMP/SHMP or updated Intelics?

  • Has a pre-mobilisation meeting been held between the contract representative and the contractor representative?


  • Has a risk assessment been completed for the scope of work or Contract?

  • Has a risk register and ranking been completed?

  • Does the Contractors equipment have BMA compliance?

  • Are all the contractors linked to the job card inducted, trained, competent and authorised for the scope of work?

Management & Execution

  • Is the contractor using a sub-contractor at all?

  • Does the sub- contractor have any hire equipment that is maintained by a third party on site?

  • Are the CMW listed on the job card compliant for the scope of work?


  • Has the job card/SHMP been closed out?

  • Has a close out meeting between the contract representative and the contractor representative been conducted?

Governance & Comments

  • Are there any close out actions or comments to be added?

  • undefined

Sign Off

  • Print name & Sign

  • Date of completion

  • Any follow up actions that require Vendor/Contractor rectification?

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