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Landscape Maintenance Service Checklist

  • Sign in at office

  • Borrow the gate key

  • Complete JSA

  • Mowing, whipper & edging completed

  • Hand weed all garden beds

  • Litter and leaves cleaned up

  • Pruning done on shrubs

  • Pruning done on trees

  • Suckers removed from all trees

  • Dead head all plants where needed

  • Car park blown down

  • Foot paths blown down

  • All internal playground areas are blown down and sand is put back into sand pits.

  • Rake all soft fall and fill in low areas as good as possible

  • Rake out all sand pits and remove large debris, level as good as possible

  • Clean out bin area

  • Irrigation checked

  • Is there any need for repairs

  • Please describe why and explain briefly the needed repairs/upgrades.

  • Suggestions for upgrades or extra works

  • Is the site left clean and tidy and all tools returned to the vehicle

  • Return key to the admin and sign all staff members out

  • Landscaper's Signature:

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