Worksite Audit

Baseline Audit


Is the HAC completed correctly?

Have you (as a visitor to the site) been advised of site hazards and controls?

Are there improvements that can be made?

List Improvements

Is equipment identified on the HAC?

Are temporary subcontractors used on the site?

Are they noted on the HAC and temporary subcontractors form filled out?

Are there environmental issues for the site?

Have they been identified on the HAC?

Are there Safe Work Method Statements/Process Control Plans on site?

Is there a copy of “RMS stand & operate permit” on site?

Is there a need for traffic management or control?

Is the traffic management or control plan on site?

Is there a need for pedestrian management?

Is the pedestrian management or control plan on site?

Are the measures identified in the plan(s) in place?

Are there any access permit situations on site (eg, electrical)?

Access Permit #:

Is there a copy of Vehicle registration / Vehicle log book?

Electrical Insulation test certificates for plant and equipment (6 monthly) available?

Do plant and equipment comply with test certificate details?

Is there a copy of NS209 Operating Cranes & Plant in Proximity to OH Powerlines on site?

Is there a copy of DG148 Close Approach Tree Trimming Tech & Training on site?

Are there any hazardous substances on site?

Are substances labelled, identifiable and in appropriate containers?

Is the SDS current (5 years old or less) and readily accessible on site?

Is the SDS being followed?

Are the chemical segregation requirements being met?


Are passports on site?

Has General Construction Induction been completed and proven?

Has the Ausgrid Induction been completed?

Has an Ausgrid Authorisation been completed?

Are qualifications / training appropriate and current?

Do contractor have current Ausgrid photo identification or ID cards?

Is a temporary subcontractor on site (Hire in T/C, Crain, Machinery)?

Has a site induction for temporary workers been filled out?

Do the employees know the emergency evacuation procedures for this site?

Are there any persons trained in first aid on the site (minimum 1 onsite)?

Do the workers know where the nearest doctor/hospital is?

Is there safe manual handling practices observed?


Is there any plant or equipment on site?

Is the maintenance and daily check complete?

Photo of Plant / Equipment

Strobes / Rotating Amber lights working on moving plant?

Are there any spills or leaks from the hydraulic system?

Is there a environmental spill kit and equipment onsite (Size 110% of the hydraulic oil)?

Is there a environmental spill kit and equipment onsite (Size 110% of the hydraulic oil)?

Are there any ladders being used on site?

Are they stable, tied top and bottom, at the correct angle (4:1)?

Is there a pole top rescue box deployed?

Is a non-conducting ladder used?

Is EWP on site?

Condition of EWP compliant to AS1418.10?

NS209 Table A and B plates in EWP basket and at base controls?

EWP & plant emergency stop fitted, identifiable and working?

EWP Dead man switch / base controls in working order?

Can observer operate?

Have clearances near exposed mains, overhead power lines etc. been observed?

Is there a suitable first aid kit on site?

Is there a burns kit available on site?

Are fire extinguisher(s) on site?

Has the fire extinguisher(s) been checked and tagged within the last six months?

Take a picture of the tag

Is the work area tidy and well kept?

Is there warning signs erected?

Is there a work in progress sign with contact details?

Personal Protective Equipment

Are contractors wearing appropriate PPE within the work location?

Protective clothing – neck to ankle to wrist, flame retardant.

Helmet 2 yrs – not painted, in current issue.

Helmet Expiry

Safety boots – in good condition.

High visibility vest – especially around traffic.

Hearing protection – where required, check SWMS.

Eye protection and/or face shield.

Fall arrest equipment.

Manual handling Gloves being used?

Electrical Working Gloves in date and working order (2yrs)?

Rescue electrical gloves in date and working order (5yrs)?

Is sunscreen available on site?

Work Practices

Personnel aware of relevant environmental, heritage or cultural issues?

Pruning techniques are in accordance with standard set in the contract?

Access permit procedures in place where appropriate?

HV CATT procedures in place where appropriate?

Application of herbicides are in accordance with relevant legislation?

Has chemical application record been filled out?

Appropriate management of cut materials?

Site cleaned up?


Site Safety Issues?

Site Safety Issues

Contractor Signature

Contractor Signature

Comments including any positive observations

Ausgrid Contract Officer
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.