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Employee (Behavior) & PPE

  • Are earplugs being worn correctly

  • Knife blades are being dispose of properly

  • Safety glasses with side shields are in use

  • Steel toe footwear being worn

  • Employees are asked about safety concerns

  • Employees know they are free to make suggestions

  • Supervisors discuss safety topics daily and weekly

  • Trainers discuss safety violations with trainee

Material Handling and Forklifts

  • Wheel cleaning procedures are being followed

  • Trucks and buggies are being used and moved properly

  • Forklifts being operated and driven in a safe manner

  • Forklift drivers are using seatbelts

  • Trailers are secured with trailer jacks

  • Are chemicals (oil) being stored properly

  • All chemicals are labeled

Fire Safety

  • Fire extinguisher are in place and unblocked

  • Fire extinguisher are inspected monthly and annually

Slips, Trips and Falls

  • Emergency exits unblocked

  • Floors are clear of tripping hazards

  • Floors are free of water, oil and grease

  • Bale straps and covers are being disposed of properly

  • Air hoses are secure and not a safety risk

  • No clutter around or on top of machines

Machine Safety

  • Electrical boxes are secure and all knockout s in place

  • Electrical panels are closed and locked and unblocked

  • Electrical cords and wires are not frayed

  • Lockout Tagout procedures are followed

  • Hazards signs, tags and labels are in place

  • Lightings is good in all areas of the facility

  • Machines and floor are free from oil leaks

  • Machine cleaning schedules are being followed

  • Daily safety check are performed correctly

6S Program

  • Set: Equipment and supplies returned to proper locations

  • Sort: All frequently used items are properly identified

  • Shine: Machines and tools kept clean and in good condition

  • Standardize: 6S methods are being documented and followed

  • Sustain: 6S findings are tracked and actions developed

  • Safety: Safety program policies are followed correctly

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