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  • Conducted on

  • Location
  • Installation Company

  • Contractor Name's

  • Select date

  • Photos before job start.

  • Work Completed:

  • PCD Location:

  • PCD Location Photo

  • Other Location:

  • Photos of completed job of premises

  • Cable Length Used:

  • Conduit Run Length Meters

  • Confirm MSS Number and Port Used:

TYPE A : Existing Underground

  • TYPE A: Existing Underground (Telstra LIC)

  • Other:

  • Small Pit Installed ( Write reasson required in additional comments section)

  • Additional Conduit Length ( meters over 80m conduit)

  • LIC Repairs/Blockages Fixed (write details in additional comments section)

TYPE C: New Underground

  • TYPE C: New Underground (NBN LIC)

  • LIC Present (multiple choice)

  • Conduit Material

  • Reason Whole Telstra LIC Was Not Used:

  • Additional Conduit Built (meters over 20m conduit)

  • Concrete Breakout and Reinstatement (sq meters)

  • Bitumen Breakout and Reinstatement (sq meters)

  • Pavers Breakout and Reinstatement (sq meters)

  • Amount of Core Bore Holes Drilled

  • Asbestos Pit Breakout

  • Under Bore (meters)

  • Deferral (Please pick the appropriate box and write comments)

Additional Comments

  • Additional comments:

  • Add signature

  • Add drawing

Before/After and PCD Location Photos

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