Title Page

  • Client / Site

  • Date and Time of Inspection

  • Job Number

  • Generator Reference Number

  • Full Name of Operator/Engineer

  • Address


  • Check all fluids (fuel, oil, trans/radiator)

  • Clean and clear air filters and crankcase breather

  • Check for leaks

  • Check belt tension

  • Ensure full fuel tank with secured cap

  • Clean fuel filter

  • Check if isolation switch position is working

  • Check if leads, spark or glow plug are secure

  • Check battery charge indicator

  • Check battery fluid level, terminals & leads

  • Secure and check compliance with exhaust system

  • Check if all safety guards are functional and secure

  • Change any loose/damaged or worn out parts

  • Clean and clear build up debris


  • Check all gauges if undamaged and functional

  • Check for abnormal noises and vibrations

  • Check for any fluid leaks

  • Check if emergency stop switch is functional

  • Secure and check compliance with cooling system


  • Recommendations and Overall Condition Assessment

  • Operator/Engineer (Full Name and Signature)

  • Supervisor (Full Name and Signature)

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