• Is the crew at the location?

  • Weather Conditions

  • Has DVIR been completed?

  • Is the equipment trailer in good/safe condition?

  • Are seat belts being worn while riding in or operating vehicles?

  • Is Housekeeping on the trucks and trailer good?


  • Are the cones around the vehicles/jobsite sufficient?

  • Are the Utility Work Ahead signs being used?

  • Is traffic control being used around the heavy machinery?

  • Are the proper Lane Closure signs being used as needed?

  • Are all trucks parked facing the correct direction on the roadway?

  • Are sidewalk closed signs used when necessary?

  • Are Arrow Boards required and being used?

  • Have pedestrians been given safe passage around the work area?


  • Has the Job Hazard Analysis/Tailboard meeting been completed?

  • Is the Competent Person on the jobsite?

  • Are Trenches/Excavations more than 4' deep sloped or shored?

  • Is the Spoil Pile at least 3' from the edge of the excavation?

  • Has water been removed?

  • Is there a safe means of access/egress?

  • Is the ladder in safe condition and tied off properly?

  • CGI/02 Meter onsite?

  • Has the CGI/02 meter been calibrated?

  • Is the locate request on the jobsite?

  • Have exposed utilities been properly supported?

  • Has the excavation and spoil pole been properly fenced/guarded when unattended?


  • Is Heavy Equipment in good safe condition?

  • Are ground wires or wet burlap sacks used to prevent static electricity from forming?

  • Are guards in place on all hand/power tools?

  • Are electrical extension cords in good condition?

  • Is all lifting/tie down equipment in good condition?

  • Is "D" Ring mounted on excavator bucket used for lifting?

  • Are seat belts being worn while operating heavy equipment?

  • Are Tag lines used where required?


  • Proper Head protection used?

  • Are Safety Glasses being worn?

  • High Visibility Safety Vest/Shirt being worn?

  • Is appropriate Hand Protection being used?

  • Are FRC's used and maintained in good condition?

  • Is any additional PPE needed? (Toe Caps, Face Shield, Goggles, etc.)


  • Are metal gas cans in good condition? (No plastic cans allowed)

  • Is there a certified First aid/CPR Provider onsite?

  • Is Fire Extinguisher charged and properly placed? (downwind))

  • Are First Aid Kits properly stocked and available?

  • Is drinking water available onsite?

  • Is jobsite housekeeping being kept good?

  • Is there good access to the work site?


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