Title Page

  • Customer

  • Packed For

  • Delivery Day

  • Overall Quality ( If fails, please specify which product and the reason)

  • Prepared by

  • PO/Sales Order:

  • Product Type

  • Product

Dispatch Check Record

  • Product Type

  • Product:

  • Variety

  • Product:

  • Variety

  • Variety

  • Variety

  • Packed on Date

  • Best Before Date

  • Quantity:

Labelling and Packaging (Inner and Outer labellings)

  • Correct labelling & PLU (if applicable): Label on Outer Cartons. Mandatory Information Included: Product Description, SKU Code, Unit of Measure, Vendor Number, Barcode Code, Grown By, Packed For, Packed On Date, Best Before Date, Net Content and Country of Origin.

  • Pallet Integrity: Free from damage or OH&S compromised

Quality parameters meet specification

  • Size

  • Colour and Appearance

  • Maturity & Firmnes

  • Eating Quality

  • Brix: Record the average

  • Net Weight (Record the product weight)

  • Packaging condition: Inspect the bags; Cartons and Crates Conditions: Free from damage

  • Presentation


  • Minor Defects (10%): If the minor defect is more than 10%, record the corrective actions

  • Major Defects (2%): If the major defect is more than 2%, record the corrective actions

  • Comments

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