Customer Service

  • Exterior appearance/parking lot/doors/baseboards and windows clean?

  • Are there any repairs/issues need to be addressed with the exterior or interior of the property?

  • Is the interior of the store clean, floors swept or vacuumed?

  • Are all employees in dress code? (Page 8 Employee Handbook)

  • Is the store (both inside and out) free of all advertising for any outside businesses? (Should be confined to a cork board specifically for that purpose, page 112 P&P Manual)

  • Observe phone interactions. Are employees following script guidelines and attempting to complete the application process over the phone when applicable? (Page 21 P&P manual)

  • Observe customer interaction. Are employees following customer service guidelines?

  • Are customer complaints being handled properly? List recent issues.

  • Are customer retention and referral cards being used?

Cleanliness and organization

  • Are the office areas cleaned and organized?

  • Are the restrooms clean?

  • Are the backroom/break areas clean?

  • Is the loan counter clean both top and underneath?

  • Is the loan counter free of excess signs/post it notes/etc?

  • Is the lobby area clean and a professional representation of our brand?

Loan Counter

  • Observe loan counter. Are the employees meeting the customers needs? Describe the interaction in detail.

  • Observe the loan counter. Are the employees explaining the products thoroughly and accurately? Describe the interaction in detail.

Current Initiatives

  • Review current loan trends and discuss qualification process. Did the employee show understanding and demonstrate knowledge of current initiatives?

  • Follow up on prior month initiatives and ensure focus remains on customer needs. Does employee demonstrate behaviors that support these initiatives?


  • Is the store utilizing the marketing tracker?

  • Is local marketing being completed weekly?

  • Is the store fully stocked on marketing supplies? If not, have they been ordered? Detail what the store is out of, hit no and your submission will automatically generate an email to order supplies for that location. Be sure to include the store name, supplies needed and amount.

  • Are the stores clings, vinyl, window graphics, outdoor signs, etc in good shape? List issues thoroughly.

  • Are yard signs or flags being utilized? Please check N/A if ordinance does not allow these items.

  • Are there any improvements needed on the marketing material?

Asset Protection/Security

  • Do the cash drawers balance? If no, please explain.

  • Does the master balance? If no, please explain.

  • Is the safe closed and locked?

  • Are the office doors/area behind counter locked and secured, if applicable?

  • Are all transactions that have been completed today been signed and completed?

  • Is the cash over/short log in use and current?

  • Is all customer information put away and out of customers view?

  • Are the camera systems functioning and working properly? Please explain.

  • Are the cameras pointed at the correct angles?

  • What was the last full audit date and score?

  • Did you review with the employees the procedural action plans from the previous audit? List steps taken to address any issues since the last audit.


  • Do all employees know their daily, weekly and monthly new customer goals?

  • Do all employees know their daily, weekly and monthly collection goals?

  • Do all employees know if their loan balance is up to prior year?

  • Do all employees know their loan balance goal?

  • Is all company and customer information that is to be disposed of placed in the shred bin and not the trash can?

  • Is the daily paperwork filed daily?

  • Is the store staffed correctly? If no, please explain.

  • Are the schedules for at least 2 weeks posted?

  • Is the schedule based according to the needs of the business?

  • Are monthly store “meetings” being held?

  • Is the policy and procedure binder up to date and organized?


  • Do all employees know the mini-Miranda? (This is an attempt to collect a debt, any information obtained will be used for that purpose.)

  • Complete held check audit. Any issues found?

  • Where there any held checks missing? If yes, how many?

  • Did the employees ask any policy and procedure questions during their visit? If so, please list details.


  • Please recap your visit briefly and list any additional information here.

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