• Document No.

  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

Equipment Identification

  • Technology Type

  • Printer Model

  • Printer image

  • Serial no. (Primary)

  • Customer assett no.

Equipment Location

  • Department

  • Line / Leg

  • Local position / Designation no.

Printer Environment

  • Choose environment description:

  • Ambient temperature ('c) -at time of audit.

  • Relative humidity (%) -at time of audit.

Equipment Specification

  • Controller Type (main unit)

  • Other:

  • Software version:

  • Message format: (1L7HQ, twin line, multi)

  • Comms spec (if used):

  • Printer Ready / Alarm Port used (add any details)

  • Printer Main Electrical Supply

  • Head Type

  • Head type -Other:

  • Nozzle / Scan head / Lens type:

  • Other:

  • Conduit Length (m):

  • Conduit coupling at head (90' / Straight / ext. Harting / int. Harting / Standard):

  • Conduit coupling at cabinet (90' / Straight / ext. Harting / int. Harting / Standard):

  • Head mounting type:

  • Head Mounting Pic

  • Warning signage:

  • Accessories

  • Other accessories:

  • Screen / HMI type:

  • Other:

  • Screen serial no. (where applicable):

  • Screen Software version:

  • Screen Electrical supply

Consumables - ink / ribbon etc...

  • Consumable type (ink / ribbon type)

  • Ink life / ribbon size

  • Batch no.s


  • Code type(1/2/3/4 line, mixed, barcode, 2D, logo)

  • Coder process location

  • Process machine description at coding location.

  • Substrate type:

Service details

  • Machine Time:

  • Jet / Run / Laser Time:

  • Last service date:

  • Recommended service frequency:

Equipment condition

  • Head condition (add pic of any damage):

  • Conduit / cabling condition (add pic of any damage):

  • Controller / cabinet condition (add pic of any damage):

  • Screen / Touch panel / HMI condition (add pic of any damage):

  • Stand / brackets condition (add pic of any damage):

  • Comments on equipment condition:

Equipment Stats

  • BFT reading and ink temp (CIJ only)

  • Ink pressure setting

  • Modulation set point (CIJ only)

  • Reservoir life remaining (CIJ only)

  • Airdryer condition (CIJ only)

PPE, cleaning and maintenance equipment available:

  • Safety glasses available:

  • Eye wash station available nearby and in-date:

  • Gloves available nearby:

  • Dust masks available:

  • Wash, wash bottle, beaker, wipes available locally:

  • Comments on PPE, cleaning and maintanence equipment:

Hazardous Consumable storage and disposal

  • Is suitable flam vault available?

  • Is access to flam vault controlled (locked)?

  • Are appropriate up-to-date COSHH docs available?

  • Is suitable safety signage present on flam vault (flam liquid label / irritant label / no access label etc...)

  • Is suitable hazardous waste disposal available?

  • Comments on hazardous consumable storage and disposal:

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