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  • Take 2 photos of each component of the asset (Power Pack, Control Stand, Drill Rig, Mud Tank/ Bean pump.

Power Pack

  • Are the panels, doors and guards on the power pack clean, straight, and in working order?

  • Is motor / motor compartment clean and free of loose debris?

  • Use Megaohmmeter to test motor insulation to ensure manufacturer specifications are met

  • Inspect electrical compartments for disconnected wires, Scorch marks, Visible damage, General cleanliness

  • Remove and check Solenoids in DCI panel

  • Inspect all other electrical parts in Power Pack (Cables, Connectors,)

  • replace all filters and breathers on power pack

  • Inspect both power pack and DCI bulk heads are clean, rust, and leak free.

  • ensure inside of power pack is clean and grease/ oil free.

  • Inspect all hoses and replace any damaged or rusty ones.

  • Disconnect heat sensor and ensure heat sensor is functioning. Monitor temp with thermometer to prevent damage. reconnect heat sensor

  • Ensure hydraulic oil level is acceptable, Set main pump and main relief pressure (8-159 in manual)

  • Case drain test Main pump (8-155 in manual) ensure 10lpm is not exceeded

  • Ensure UV Dye is applied to power pack, hydraulic oil level is acceptable and run all drill functions for at least 10 minutes.

  • Look closely inside of power pack using UV light. Ensure there are no leaks.

  • Test oil fill level sensor

  • Place camera in hydraulic tank to ensure it is clean and free of debris.

  • Inspect cooling fan and clean thoroughly.

  • Remove and acid wash heat exchanger.

  • Inspect Heat exchanger for leaks

  • Follow steps in Manual 6-17 to check and set valve pressures

  • Follow steps in Manual 6-22 to check and set flow rates

  • Complete circuit test chart (9-7 in Manual) laminate and place in power pack hood.

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