Please visit the site and purchase a bottle of wine. We will reimburse you up to the value of £15 (or £24 if you drink in - £15 for the bottle plus £9 corkage) but if you would like to buy a more expensive bottle then you may do so at your own cost. Remember to ask for a till receipt

Please read the questionnaire before the visit so you are aware of the questions that you need to answer

Please fill in the questionnaire as soon as you can after the visit while the information is fresh in your mind

Return the questionnaire along with a copy of the receipt within 2 days of the date of the visit
On arrival

Do the blackboards all look neat and tidy?

Are all the blackboards up to date with relevant information on?

Is it clear that it is a shop that customers can come inside and browse?

Is it busy?

How many staff were working?

What are they doing?

Did they seem to be enjoying their work?

Inside the shop

Were all staff wearing the Reserve T-shirts?

Did the shop look clean and tidy?

Were the shelves fully stocked?

Did someone chat to you as soon as you entered?

Were they polite and engaging?

Did they ask you if you wanted some help with choosing a wine?

Did they ask if you had a budget?

Did they ask what the occasion was?

Did they ask you if you had any particular style/country/grape variety that you like etc?

What did they recommend?

Did they mention the Keg wine?

If it was a white wine was there one in the fridge?

Did they come across as knowledgeable about the wines?

Were they enthusiastic about the wine? Did they mention they had tried it themselves or anything like that?

Did they mention any tasting events they have coming up?

If no, please ask if they ever do tastings or events and comment on what their response was

Did they offer you anything to sample while you were browsing? If so what was it?

Please enquire as to why there are two different prices on the tag. (One is a take away price and one is drink in because of corkage but we would like to know how staff are explaining this to customers) You could ask ‘Why is it more expensive to drink it in?’ or such. Please note their response


Was payment taken quickly and efficiently?

Did they offer to wrap it?(if taking away)

Did they mention that they have gift cards, bottle bags or other items that would go along with your bottle?

Did they thank you for your purchase?

Did they ask you if you would like to join the mailing list?

Did they leave you with a parting thought such as ‘ I hope you really enjoy the wine’?

Did they wish you a nice day or say a genuine goodbye?

Please comment below any other thoughts you have from the experience today. Was there anything that could have improved the experience etc? Did anyone provide outstanding customer service, if so, how?

Thank you for carrying out the mystery shopper. Please return this survey along with a photograph of the receipt to within 2 days of visiting the site