Title Page

  • Driver Name

  • Assessor

  • Conducted on



  • Enter license number

  • Enter truck number

  • Take photo of license (optional)


  • Fluid levels - water

  • Fluid levels - Oil

  • Fluid levels - Fuel (Before Trips)

  • All tyres – checking tyres (Before Leaving Yard)

  • Indicators

  • Seat belts

  • Log book up to date

  • Correct PPE worn

  • Lights


  • Engine is driven in the appropriate torque range at all time’s

  • Engine power is maintained with correct gear selection

  • Gearbox is used to maintain engine torque at all speeds

  • Uses block shifting where appropriate

  • Acceleration is smooth

  • Vehicle is driven in the manufactured specified rev range

  • Gear selection is smooth and direct

  • Clutch engagement is smooth

  • Use of clutch


  • All traffic regulations obeyed at all times

  • Cornering - Plans entry and exit, scans ahead for hazards

  • Correct position on road, stays in own lane

  • Cruise control

  • Driver is competent at reversing vehicle

  • Driving techniques used to allow early detection and action in advance of arrival hazards

  • Travelling distance, protects space around vehicle

  • Downhill speed – vehicle in control, appropriate speed, not aggressive

  • Indication – lane changes, roundabouts, turns

  • Driver sits in correct upright position, seat belt used if fitted.

  • Attitude to driving – courteous to other road users

  • General Comments


  • User safe procedure to mount trailer when required

  • Load securing devices are fitted where required

  • Load is check before leaving site ensuring no material are likely to fall from truck, trips rechecked

  • All documentation is completed


  • Vehicle is parked in a safe location

  • Drained air tanks

  • All electrical equipment is turned off and isolating switch used where fitted

  • Log Book and Paperwork

  • General Comments


  • Attitude to work

  • Attitude to driving – courteous to other road users

  • Appearance – clean and tidy

  • Has the driver been involved in a collisions where he/she was deemed blameworthy in the last 12 months?

  • Provide description


  • Final outcome

  • What additional action/ training / monitoring has been agreed with the driver?

  • Driver signature

  • Assessor signature

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