• Site conducted

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Driver Name and Employee ID:

  • Vehicle Type and Weather Conditions:

Before Driving

  • Inspects Vehicle Before Entering/Starting?

  • Adjusts Seats and Mirrors?

  • Wears Safety Belt?

While Driving

  • Accelerates Smoothly?

  • Stops Smoothly?

  • Maintains Legal Speeds?

  • Adjusts Speed to Conditions?

  • Uses Turn Signals Appropriately?

  • Stops Completely at Stop Signs and Red Lights?

  • Leaves Sufficient Space when Stopping in Traffic?

  • Obeys All Traffic Laws?

  • Backs Safely?


  • Scans Ahead?

  • Checks for Cross Traffic and Intersections?

  • Maintains Safe Distance from Other Vehicles? (3 second rule)

  • Merges Smoothly Into Traffic?

  • Changes Lanes in a Controlled Manner?

  • Avoids Following Oversized Vehicles?

  • Avoids Driving in Other Driver's Blind Spots?

  • Shows Awareness of Pedestrians and Cyclists?

  • Reacts Early Enough to Respond to Potential Hazards?

  • Avoids Distractions? (Cell Phones/Eating/Conversations)

  • Driver Signature:

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