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  • David Wood Baking Safety Audit

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  • 1. Are all hand washing areas clean, is soap and hand sanitizer available, are blue paper towel dispensers working and filled, is the sink free from dough.<br>

  • 2. Correct method for moving racks/trays/tubs/baskets is being used in the area

  • 3. Lock off and isolation procedure is in use were needed

  • 4. Any permits to work have been filled out correctly

  • 5. Are ladders and steps stored safely and controls are in place

  • 6. Flour and dust control measure are being used when cleaning is in process

  • 7. First aiders are clearly identified and the correctly level on site

  • 8. Are stair ways clean and free from obstructions and slip and trip hazards, are hand rails in good condition and being used

  • 9. Is clean as you presents( are staff cleaning on a regular basis

  • 10. Are first aid kits checked on a regular basis

  • 11. Is safety signage up to date


  • 1. Fire evacuation routes for the section are up to date and present in the section

  • 2. Fire exits are clear and free from obstruction

  • 3 Fire exit doors are closed and break points intact

  • 4. Internal fire doors are in good condition and close correctly.

  • 5. Fire extinguishers are present, the correct type and with in service date

  • 6. Evacuation board updated with the on shift staff, fire marshals, fire engineers

  • 7. Staff fire roll call is up to date and signed


  • 1. Are walkways clearly marked

  • 2. Are the floors free from oil/dirt/ grease or dough

  • 3. Is the floor area in good condition, no crack, loose or missing tiles

  • 4, Are the floors free from obstructions, wheels, tubs , pallets, any hoses or electrical cables in use are clearly visible and the correct signage is in use

  • 5. Drains are clean and clear, no obstruction or build up of waste


  • 1. Are all walls clean

  • 2. Are the composite panels free from damage

  • 3. Are all wall fixing in good condition

  • 4. All repairs to the composite panels have been complete in the correct way.

  • 5. Sharp edges from holes have been filed down.

Work place environment

  • 1 is the lighting adequate for the area

  • 2. Are all the lights working in the area

  • 3. The temperature of the area is reasonable ( above 13 degrees in in the frozen packing area)


  • 1. Are dust masks being used when required, are the correct grade being used

  • 2. All operators are wearing company issue safety shoes, unless other wise been exempt due to medical reasons

  • 3. Ear defender are being used of the correct grade in mandatory areas, operators have been issued with personnel defender and registered.

  • 4. Operators are wearing bump caps that have been registered to them

  • 5. White coats are in good clean condition, no loose ends, rips

  • 6. High vis coats are used in mandatory areas

  • 7. safety glasses are in use when required


  • 1.have the pre start up checks for the machinery been completed and verified by the shift manager?

  • 2. Have all FLT checks been completed prior to use

  • 3. Only trained operators are using high pressure jet wash, safe methods are in use around electrical equipment and the correct PPE is in use

  • 4. All Machine guarding and panels are fixed in place, no missing bolts, damaged guards ?

  • 5. Interlocks are working and in good condition

  • 6. E stops are working and are located in the operational area.

  • 7. PUWER assessment has been completed and action completed

  • 8. Have racking inspections been completed

  • 9. Has electrical equipment been tested and up to date

  • 10. Electrical cables, air lines, pipes and hoses are in good condition

Operations and Tasks

  • 1. Only trained operators are performing tasks

  • 2. Only trained operators are using equipment and machinary

  • 3. is there a current Risk assessments for tasks being carried out by the operators in the section.

  • 4. Have manual handling risk assessments been carried out on tasks and operations being performed in the section ( using the MAC tool)


  • 1. Are all substances controlled and stored in the correct way

  • 2. Are all MSDS available for each substance.

  • 3. have all operators using hazardous substances been trained

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