• Document No.

  • Prepared by

  • Conducted on

Call Log

Action Taken

  • Select appropriate

Call Information

  • Time & Date Call Recieved

  • Location when received?

  • Type of call

Inappropriate Call Type

  • What was the call in reference to?

  • Was the call returned?

  • Is this a repeat offender?

Incident Information

  • Does the call relate to a previous, or ongoing incident?

  • Which Incident? (Use WebEOC naming convention when available)

  • Check current WebEOC Incident

  • Additional information

Contact Information

  • Name

  • Telephone Number

  • Civilian?

  • Agency

Call Information

  • Choose all applicable call topics:

  • Summarize call (including relevant contact information):

  • Time the call was received?

  • Service Actions

  • Additional Action
  • Choose all applicable service options:

  • Describe any additional actions taken

  • Time the service/action was completed?

Duty Officer actions

  • Describe any action taken as the Duty Officer. Create additional statements by selecting the Action button. Use one statement per action

  • Action Statements
  • Type of action taken (select all that apply)

  • Describe actions taken

  • How long to the action take or how long did you work on the action?

  • Close out series of actions

Internal Admin

  • Are you DO, covering for the DO, or transferring the DO phone?

  • Was this planned?

  • Who are you covering or/transferring to?<br>

  • How long are you covering?

  • Briefed of any continuing service needs or incidents?

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