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  • Conducted on

  • Audit Conducted by

  • Site Manager

Taheke Site Safety Walk



  • Is this an area you want to inspect?

  • Adequate signage indicating parking, speed, traffic directions and other directions as necessary

  • Sign in register in place (all arrivals have signed in, inductions & access cards validated)?

  • Alcohol breath testing being undertaken (Golden rule #1)

  • Taheke Site Hazard board updated, with hazards accurate to reflect environment and task being conducted?

  • Security has radio contact/communication with site .. 2 way communication with site as required (golden rule #3)

  • Gate 2 entrance, visibility ok, even surfaces, safe accessway into site?

  • PPE available for issue to visitors?


  • Is this an area you want to inspect?

  • Area of inspection

  • AED in place?

  • Electrode pads in date?

  • Battery ok (check battery or charge light is not 'glowing)

  • Accessories available (scissors, razor etc)

  • AED Case and Unit ok? (ie free of foreign substances, AED not making any noises, no flashing lights)

Site Emergency Plan

  • Is there an emergency for the project on site?

  • First Aid Kit available?

  • Kits adequately stock and in date?

  • Fire extinguisher available?

  • Fire extinguisher available, charged & in date

  • Fire extinguisher mounted securely?


  • Rescue equipment available?

Roadways, Accessways in & around Taheke Site

  • Do you wish to examine roadways, accessways in and around the site?

  • Brief description of Area:

  • Road surfaces, even surfaces, free of significant pot holes?

  • Batters and benching spoil falling or water scouring?

  • Traffic Management in place (speed, directions, restricted areas)?

  • Adequate signage indicating speed limits, traffic directions and other directions as necessary?

Heavy Machinery

  • Do you wish to examine Heavy Machinery ?

  • Detail type of plant observed

  • Vehicle lights on whilst operational?

  • Seat Belt being Worn?

  • Speed limited observed to be adhered to (< 30kph)?

  • Operator appropriately licensed/certified to operate?

  • Access, steps, ladders, walkways all in good condition

  • Lights, mirrors, horn, backing alarm and radio all in good condition

  • Fire extinguishers fitted and tested

  • Pre-start check completed

  • Safe procedures being adhered to (spotter, barriers, signage, plant not operating or travelling near edge of excavation unless shoring can support load, wheel stopping restricting plant movement)

  • Spoil placement safe distance at least 1 metre from edge

  • Pedestrian exclusion zone 10 metres adhered to

  • Quick hitch - adequately controlled semi/fully automatic system


  • Do you wish to examine foot traffic/pedestrian movements?

  • Safe path of travel?

  • Pedestrian and plant operator good communications ( good eye contact, hand signals etc)?


  • Do you wish to examine excavations on this safety walk?

  • Access/Egress is safe and frequency of egress is acceptable

  • Shoring/Shielding/Sloping is safe

  • Barricades are in place as required

  • Spoil Pile

  • Name of Contractor and Detail Type of Works being Observed

Hazard Identification & Management

  • All significant hazards have been identified via safety plan, work site safety plan, hazard id forms

  • Safety signs/notices displayed

  • Observation of Safe Work Place Practices

  • Right tools for the job

  • Regular toolbox meetings held

Permits/Work Authorities

  • Authorisations -relevant for work

  • Filled out Correctly

  • Permit holder on site

  • Work site safety plan and/or daily hazard sheet completed

  • Barriers in place

Communications (Golden Rule #3)

  • Daily toolbox been conducted?

  • Hazard Board completed as required for specific job (all parties signed on, hazards accurate of job and area)

  • 2 way Radios issued/utilised as required?

  • Incident reporting - all incidents being reported to Taheke Project Team?

  • General Comments

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Do you wish to examine PPE on this safety walk?

  • Mandatory PPE being worn and compliant with the relevant standards (Safety glasses, boots, Helmet and wrist to ankle cover ?

  • PPE (clean/tidy and hard hats < 2 years old)?

  • Other PPE observed being worn relevant to the task at hand

  • General comments


  • Do you wish to examine housekeeping?

  • Work area & vicinity neat, tidy, trip hazards managed

  • Work Surfaces (clear of clutter and dust)

  • Walkways (free of debris and obstructions)

  • Material Storage/Lay Down (neat and tidy)

  • General comments

Tools and Equipment

  • Do you wish to examine tools and equipment?

  • General condition of tools

  • Right tools are being used for tasks

  • Crew members are trained to be competent in the tools appropriate for their work tasks

  • Tools tested and Tagged?

  • General comments

Electrical Safety

  • Do you wish to examine electrical safety?

  • Extension Cords are not causing trip hazards or used inappropriately

  • Power Tools are undamaged and being used fit for purpose

Fall Prevention

  • Do you wish to examine fall protection practices?

  • Fall protection equipment inspected inspected regularly and before use

  • Gear appropriate for task and used properly

  • Suitable Anchorage Points

  • General comments

  • Chemicals
  • Do you wish to examine chemicals on this safety walk

  • Area of Inspection

  • Detail chemical present

  • Signage available and SDS available & current?

  • Trained & competent handlers?

  • Chemicals being handled safely & appropriately?

  • Storage - bunding adequate in size to contain leaks if needed

  • Storage area clear of weeds, rubbish and combustibles?

  • Appropriate firefighting equipment within easy access of storage area

  • Containers, tanks, drums appropriate labelled and in good condition

  • General comments

  • Spill kit available within easy access of storage area

Licences, Certifications and Competencies

  • Do you wish to check licences, certifications or competencies?

  • Does the person hold the appropriate licenses, certification or competency to conduct the work

  • List the licenses, certification or competency held

General Comments/Observations

  • Any further comments or recommendations arising from this safety walk?

  • Please add any corrective actions to the appropriate questions above before completing this report

Sign Off

  • Name & Signature of person conducting works

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