• Checks general condition approaching unit.

  • Looks for leakage of coolants, fuel, lubricants.

  • Checks under hood (oil, water, general condition of engine compartment, steering).

  • Checks around unit (tires, lights, trailer hookups, brake and light lines, body, doors, horn, windshield wipers).

  • Tests brake action, tractor protection valve and parking (hand) brake.

  • Check horn, windshield wipers, mirrors, emergency equipment, reflectors, flares, fuses, tire chains (if necessary), fire extinguisher.

  • Check instruments for normal readings.

  • Checks dashboard warning lights for proper functioning.

  • Cleans windshield, windows, mirrors, lights, reflectors.

  • Reviews and signs previous inspection report.

  • Part 1 Comments:

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  • Lines up units.

  • Connects glad hands and light line properly.

  • Couples without difficulty.

  • Raises landing gear fully after coupling.

  • Visually checks king pin assembly to be certain of proper coupling.

  • Checks coupling by applying hand valve or tractor-protection valve (trailer air supply valve) and gently applying pressure by trying to pull away from tractor.

  • Assure that surface will support trailer before uncoupling.

  • Part 2 Comments:

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PART 3 -

3.A - Engine

  • Places transmission in neutral before starting engine.

  • Starts engine without difficulty.

  • Allows proper warm-up.

  • Understand gauges on instrument panel.

  • Maintains proper engine speed (rpm) while driving.

  • Does not abuse motor.

  • 3.A Comments:

  • Supporting Photos:

3.B - Clutch And Transmission

  • Starts loaded unit smoothly.

  • Uses clutch properly.

  • Times gearshifts properly.

  • Shifts gears smoothly.

  • Uses proper gear sequence.


  • Supporting Photos:

3.C - Brakes

  • Knows proper use of tractor protection valve.

  • Understands low air warning.

  • Tests service brakes.

  • Builds full air pressure before moving.

  • 3.C Comments:

  • Supporting Photos:

3.D - Steering

  • Controls steering wheel.

  • Good driving posture and good grip on wheel.

  • 3.D Comments:

  • Supporting Photos:

3.E - Lights

  • Knows lighting regulations.

  • Uses proper headlight beam.

  • Dim lights when meeting or following other traffic.

  • Adjusts speed to range of headlights.

  • Proper use of auxiliary lights.

  • 3.E Comments:

  • Supporting Photos:

  • Part 3 Comments:

  • Supporting Photos:


4.A - Backing

  • Gets out and checks before backing.

  • Looks back as well as uses mirrors.

  • Gets out and rechecks conditions on long back.

  • Avoids backing from blind side.

  • Signals when backing.

  • Controls speed and direction properly while backing.

  • 4.A Comments:

  • Supporting Photos:

4.B - Parking (City)

  • Does not hit nearby vehicles or stationary objects.

  • Parks proper distance from curb.

  • Sets parking brake, puts in gear, chocks wheels, shuts off motor.

  • Checks traffic conditions and signals when pulling out from parked position.

  • Parks in legal and safe location.


  • Supporting Photos:

4.C - Parking (Road)

  • Parks off pavement.

  • Avoids parking on soft shoulder.

  • Uses emergency warning signals when required.

  • Secures unit properly.

  • 4.C Comments:

  • Supporting Photos:

  • Part 4 Comments:

  • Supporting Photos:


  • Uses gears properly ascending.

  • Gears down properly descending.

  • Stops and restarts without rolling back.

  • Tests brakes before descending grades.

  • Uses brakes properly on grades.

  • Uses mirrors to check traffic to rear.

  • Signals following traffic.

  • Avoids sudden stops.

  • Stops smoothly without excessive fanning.

  • Stops before crossing sidewalk when coming out of driveway or alley.

  • Stops clear of pedestrian sidewalks.

  • Part 5 Comments:

  • Supporting Photos:


6.A - Turning

  • Signals intention to turn well in advance.

  • Gets into proper lane well in advance of turn.

  • Checks traffic conditions and turns only when intersection is clear.

  • Restricts traffic from passing on right when preparing to complete right hand turn.

  • Completes turn promptly and safely and does not impede other traffic.

  • 6.A Comments:

  • Supporting Photos:

6.B - Traffic Signs And Signals

  • Approaches signal prepared to stop if necessary.

  • Obeys traffic signal.

  • Uses good judgement on yellow light.

  • Starts smoothly on green.

  • Notices and heeds traffic signs.

  • Obeys "Stop" signs.


  • Supporting Photos:

6.C - Intersections

  • Adjusts speed to permit stopping if necessary.

  • Checks for cross traffic regardless of traffic controls.

  • Yields right-of-way for safety.

  • 6.C Comments:

  • Supporting Photos:

6.D - Grade Crossings

  • Adjusts speed to conditions.

  • Makes safe stop, if required.

  • Selects proper gear and does not shift gears while crossing.

  • Knows and understands federal and state rules governing grade crossing.

  • 6.D Comments:

  • Supporting Photos:

6.E - Passing

  • Passes with sufficient clear space ahead.

  • Does not pass in unsafe location (hill, curve, intersection).

  • Signals change of lanes.

  • Warns driver being passed.

  • Pulls out and back with certainty.

  • Does not tailgate.

  • Does not block traffic with slow pass.

  • Allows enough room when returning to right lane.

  • 6.E Comments:

  • Supporting Photos:

6.F - Speed

  • Speed consistent with basic ability.

  • Adjusts speed properly to road, weather, traffic conditions, legal limits.

  • Slows down for rough roads.

  • Slows down in advance of curves, intersections, etc.

  • Maintains consistent speed.

  • 6.F Comments:

  • Supporting Photos:

6.G - Courtesy And Safety

  • Uses defensive driving techniques.

  • Yields right-of-way for safety.

  • Goes ahead when given right-of-way by others.

  • Does not crowd other drivers or force way through traffic.

  • Allows faster traffic to pass.

  • Keeps right and in own lane.

  • Uses horn only when necessary.

  • Generally courteous and uses proper conduct.

  • 6.G Comments:

  • Supporting Photos:

  • Part 6 Comments:

  • Supporting Photos:


7.A - General Driving Ability And Habits

  • Consistently alert and attentive.

  • Adjusts driving to meet changing conditions.

  • Performs routine functions without taking eyes from road.

  • Checks instruments often while driving.

  • Willing to take instructions and suggestions.

  • Adequate self-confidence in driving.

  • Is not easily angered.

  • Positive attitude.

  • Good personal appearance, manner, cleanliness.

  • Good physical stamina.

  • 7.A Comments:

  • Supporting Photos:

7.B - Handling Of Freight

  • Checks freight properly.

  • Handles and loads freight properly.

  • Handles bills properly.

  • Breaks down load as required.


  • Supporting Photos:

7.C - Rules And Regulations

  • Knowledge of company rules.

  • Knowledge of regulations (federal, state & local).

  • Knowledge of special truck routes.

  • 7.C Comments:

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7.D - Use Of Special Equipment (Specify)

  • Part 7 Comments:

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