Truck Number


1.0 - Driver

1.1 - FMCSA Pre-Trip Inspection.

1.2 - Operator's Daily Log Book is current.

1.3 - Job Ticket has been signed by customer.

1.4 - Current registration card is in the driver's cab.

1.5 - Current insurance card is in the cab.

1.6 - Current IFTA (fuel tax) sticker and FMCSA (federal inspection) sticker in place outside the cab.

1.7 - Operator has a valid CDL and medical card on his person.

1.8 - Road Permit (if required) is in the cab.

1.9 - Load is properly secured with appropriate chains, binders, straps, or hardware that meet or exceed the necessary load requirements.

2.0 - Operation

2.1 - Crane windows are intact, free of damage, and all latches are in place.

2.2 - Three red, reflective triangles are properly secured and easily accessible in truck.

2.3 - All exterior lights on truck and trailer are working and visible.

2.3 - An ABC fire extinguisher is properly secured and easily accessible in the cab.

2.4 - The truck has a stocked first-aid kit.

2.5 - Truck mirrors, windows, and windshield are not broken and properly secured to truck.

2.6 - The truck has operable windshield wipers, defrosting, and defogging equipment.

2.7 - All spreader bars are clearly marked with their ID#, capacity chart, current inspection, and are free of visible damage.

2.8 - All chokers are in good condition with legible manufacturer tags or labels.

2.9 - Personnel basket is clean and free of debris.

2.10 - Basket has a legible copy of the approved hand-signals posted in the basket.

2.13 - Basket has approved rigging that is dedicated for the personnel. it is in good shape with tags and secured shackles.

2.14 -.All tools and maintenance parts are stored in tool boxes and not loose in or around the cab.

2.15 - Personal items do not interfere with the access to or operation of the crane, within the cab space.

2.16 - The reverse alarm is working and effective.

2.17 - The truck air horn and/or electric horn are in working order.

2.18 - Headache ball and hoisting block is labelled with capacity and weight.

2.19 - Truck mud flaps are not damaged and are securely mounted.

2.11 - Basket has proper labels and current inspection sticker.

2.12 - Basket has a proper test weight.

3.0 - Observation

3.1 - Air brake is engaged.

3.2 - The work area is level, firm, free of obstructions, and the crane is secure.

3.3 - Fuel tanks contain shipping document, NFPA diamond, Flammable label, and Diesel label.

3.4 - All crane personnel are wearing high-visibility clothing and proper PPE. (Safety vest or high-viz shirt, safety toed boots, leather work gloves, safety glasses, and hard hat.

3.5 - Trailer is clean and organized.

3.6 - Cleanliness of crane's exterior is satisfactory for conditons.

3.7 - Cleanliness of crane's interior is satisfactory.

3.8 - Driver is free from distractions and working wit a focus on the job.

4.0 - Customer Input

4.1 - Was the driver on time?

4.2 - Has our driver been polite and courteous?

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.