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Elderly Home Safety Checklist

Entry to Elderly Home

  • Are stairs non-slip and in good repair?

  • Is the pathway leading to the elderly home clear and even?

  • Is there easy access for strollers and wheelchairs?

  • Are the handrails on both sides of the staircase in good working condition?

  • Is there adequate lighting leading to the elderly home entrance door?

Internal Floors

  • Is the floor even and not slippery (no leaks or potential to be slippery when wet)?

  • Are there no tripping hazards such as throw rugs, boxes, electrical cords, or rubbish?

  • Are the floors cleaned regularly and the spills cleaned up immediately?

  • Are aged care workers wearing appropriate non-slip footwear?

Hallways, Exits & Doors

  • Are hallways and doorways free of obstructions?

  • Do doors open freely and easily?

  • Do Fire Exits display correct notices and signages?

  • Are exit signs in place and illuminated?

  • Do designated emergency exit doors open outwards?

Windows, Ventilation & Noise

  • Are windows in good condition (open easily with no broken or cracked glass or damaged screens)?

  • Is the temperature appropriate for the work area?

  • Are air conditioners serviced regularly (check maintenance records)?

  • Are noise levels acceptable?

Internal Lighting

  • Are the lights working (if damaged or not working), are they repaired immediately?

  • Is the level of light adequate in all areas?

  • Are light fittings and light switches in good working and visual order and checked regularly?

  • Is task lighting provided for detailed work?

Electrical Equipment & Supply

  • Has electrical equipment been inspected and tested at specified intervals (check tags/records)?

  • Is the electrical safety switch fitted to the elderly home?

  • Is the safety switch tested regularly?

  • Are electrical outlets and switches in good condition?

  • Are there sufficient power outlets?

  • Are extension leads/power boards used as designed (no double adaptors, or piggyback plugs)?

Furniture, Fittings & Shelves

  • Is there adequate space to move around common areas?

  • Is there sufficient individual storage space for the elderly?

  • Do chairs enable the elderly to sit with their back upright and adjust to lumbar supports?

  • Are chairs fully adjustable with a stable base?

Elderly Home Emergency Precautions

  • Are overhead sprinklers and detectors clear of obstructions?

  • Are appropriate fire extinguishers visible and easy to access?

  • Are fire-fighting equipment checked regularly (check expiry dates on tags on extinguishers and hose reels)?

  • Is appropriate extinguisher signages in place and legible?

  • Are evacuation plans displayed on evacuation routes?

  • Are emergency telephone numbers clearly visible?

  • Are evacuations practiced regularly as per legislation?

  • Have aged care workers completed emergency procedure training?

Hazardous Chemicals

  • Is the current (within 5 years) safety data sheet kept with stored chemicals?

  • Are all chemical containers labeled correctly?

  • Are unused dispensed chemicals disposed of regularly in an appropriate manner?

  • Are all hazardous chemicals in a secure & locked chemical cabinet?

First Aid Provision

  • Are first aid supplies checked regularly (check expiry dates, if replenished)?

  • Are the locations of first aid supplies clearly marked with a white cross on green background?

  • Do aged care workers know the location of the first aid kits and are easily accessible?

  • Is the first-aider appointed and his/her name clearly displayed?


  • Are the toilets clean and well-ventilated?

  • Is the non-slip bathroom floor surfaces in good condition?

  • Are hot and cold tunning water available?

  • Is soap (or soap dispensers) provided?

  • Are hand drying facilities available?

  • Are there adequate grab bars near the shower or bathtub?

  • Are the toilets of proper height (and if not, is there a raised toilet seat available)?

Kitchen Area

  • Is there suitable eating or coffee/tea break facilities?

  • Is the kitchen and amenities area kept clean?

  • Are kitchen appliances and whitegoods clean and well-maintained?

  • Is there adequate storage available?

  • Is appropriate PPE worn when conducting required tasks?

  • Is the fire blanket installed and checked every 6 months?

  • Are the anti-slip floor surfaces in good condition?


  • Is adequate external lighting installed for night time?

  • Are gardens well-maintained with branches and excess foliage removed?

  • Are the ground free of sharp objects?

  • Are pathways around the facilities clear of trip hazards or overgrown foliage?

  • Are storage sheds tidy and secured?


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