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  • Site conducted

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

  • The below image is the risk matrix which has been assessed in the current risk register. 22 is the original risk without controls in place. 15B is the risk rating with the controls in place. IMPORTANT - if any of controls listed are not in place - the risk may be higher than 15B and therefore not controlled to ALARP (As Low As is Reasonably Practicable). If this is the case, please seek H&S Advice.

    Vehicle and Pedestrian Risk Matrix.png
  • Review Done By (please include all those involved in review)

  • Location(s) Reviewed

  • Event/Situation/Activity under review

  • Is the risk a new risk?

  • Please ensure this risk is added on to your risk register

  • Please enter the reference number from your risk register

Hazard Details

  • Is the hazard still applicable?

  • Please continue with the review.

  • Are all relevant locations identified?

  • Please provide update to changed locations or explanation.

  • Please attach photo if possible or confirm locations.

  • Is there a suitable procedure(s) for the tasks of working with electricity? This includes?

  • General Requirements working on electrical installations/equipment.

  • Isolation of electricity (Lock-Out-Tag-Out process)?

  • Testing procedure prior to work?

  • Dynamic risk assessment expectations for work on different equipment/in different environments/locations and live work etc.?

  • Live work/Live testing procedure?

  • Return to service of equipment after completion of work (ensure safety)?

  • Sign off process?

  • Does this risk require Safe Operating Procedure(s)?

  • If yes, please develop applicable Safe Operating Procedure(s)

  • Continue with the review

Monitoring the risk in practice

  • Name of person performing task

  • Are the controls listed on the Risk Register observed in place at the time? Please provide photos or explanation.

  • No live work policy? (removal from power completely)

  • Isolation of electricity (Lock-Out-Tag-Out process and equipment)?

  • Insulated tools/shrouding materials provided?

  • RCDs in place?

  • Grounding protection in place?

  • Is there a system to ensure new operators/employees are trained in system?

  • Isolation of work area process?

  • Electrical work limited to qualified and competent workers?

  • Electrical cords/cables do not pose risk (in suitable environment for type, do not pose trip hazard, are in good condition etc.)

  • There is suitable signage to warn of risk/electrical status to others?

  • Electrical components/cabinets covered and locked where applicable.

  • Insulated shoes?

  • Insulated gloves?

  • Have we identified all situations where this is hazard might be present?

Are all the controls still applicable?

  • Are there any new controls that can be used to better achieve ALARP?

  • Please explain

Maintenance of Activities

  • Are the maintenance activities in place (as listed on the Risk Register)?

  • Planned Preventative Maintenance of Electrical Installations?

  • Annual RCD tests?

  • Portable Appliance Testing Regime?

  • Regular Supervision by Managers and Supervisors.

  • Please provide evidence or explain how you could evidence this if requested.

  • Training /Consultation sessions including refresher on Traffic Management (e.g. included in Toolbox Talk, Employee Meetings etc.).

  • Please provide evidence and date last time occurred and who attended.

Other Controls

  • Are there any other risk management controls for Electrical Safety not listed above?

  • Please describe.

  • Are there any further activities or tasks for where this risk might be present?

  • Please describe.

Final Review

  • Have you considered wider opportunities to reduce this risk to ALARP (As Low As is Reasonably Practicable)?

  • Which of these have you consulted?

  • Please explain how you are assured that the risk is managed to ALARP?

  • Please explain how you are assured this risk is at ALARP.


  • Any other comments:

  • Once complete please forward to H&S so that they can update the Risk Register

  • Please explain.

  • Review is complete - please forward to H&S so they can update the register

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