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  • Monthly Electrical Rooms Inspection

  • Roberta Plant

  • Calera, Alabama

  • Conducted on

  • Electrical Room to be inspected:


  • Does sufficient exterior lighting exist for safe ingress and egress of the electrical room?

  • Are all interior lights working?

  • Are emergency lights and lighted exit signs installed and in working condition?


  • Do all doors close correctly and seat within the door frame?

  • Are all doors unlocked?

  • Are all wall penetrations completely sealed?


  • Are floors swept and free of debris?

  • Is electrical room free from trash and debris? Trash cans are not permitted within electrical rooms.

  • Except for work in progress, have tools and equipment been removed from electrical room?

  • Are equipment surfaces free of dust, tape, markings, etc?


  • Are all equipment doors closed? (PLC cabinets, MCC buckets, lighting panels, etc.)

  • Are all switch covers and receptacle face-plates installed?

  • Are authorized tools stored properly? (switch dollies, rack handles, etc.)

  • Is the air conditioner working?


  • Are rubber mats placed at each MCC and switch gear?

  • Are fire extinguishers present with current monthly and annual inspection noted?

  • Is required signage present? Room name and number, No Smoking, Authorized Personnel Only

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