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  • All employees have current and up-to-date electrical safety inductions and training?

  • Employees are able to recall correct stop work procedures in the event of electrical danger?

Electrical Safety Procedure

  • Is there a written and approved site electrical safety procedure?

  • Has the electrical safety procedure been communicated to all employees and contractors?

  • Is there a written and approved high voltage safety procedure?

  • Has it been communicated to the employees and contractors?


  • Has a competent electrician been appointed as the person, responsible for electrical works, in writing by the supervising manager?

  • Are all electricians qualified and tested to be competent?

Permit and Lockout

  • Has all electrically energized equipment been locked out, tagged, de-energized and tested to be de energized prior to commencement of work?

  • Has an isolation and permit to work been obtained if work is to be done on electrically energized equipment?

Work Near Power Lines

  • All staff working near power lines have been briefed on specific task hazards present, and have appropriately trained?

  • Has a permit to work been obtained if the work is to be conducted near power lines?

Portable Electrical Tools

  • All portable electrical tools have earth leakage switch and a safe start/stop switch?

  • All portable electrical tools inspected and tagged by an electrician on a monthly basis?

High Voltage

  • Only trained qualified HV electricians may gain access and work on HV equipment.

  • Access (gates, and devices to prevent climbing) to high voltage areas is prohibited when no work is being performed?

  • Has an HV permit been obtained prior to work on HV equipment and is this readily available?

  • Is a risk assessment conducted prior to commencement of work and is the condition of the poles mentioned?

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