Baler Area

  • Are all staff wearing correct PPE

  • Is Area clean

  • Have all the Pre start up checks been completed?

  • Are Fire Extinguishers accessible

  • Wrap kept available and stock undamaged

  • Is all guarding in place

  • Are all Stops operable

SRF Process Hall

  • SRF back area clean

  • Is the floor under the machines clean

  • Are all staff wearing mandatory PPE

  • Are Stairs to Untha clear of material

  • Are Skips positioned correctly

  • Are all Fire equipment and fire notification points clear and accesible

  • Is the delivery door of clear of non SRF material

  • Are the skips external to the skip positioned correctly and safely

  • Are vehicle tips being supervised

CA site

  • Are Skips overfilled

  • Is all material in skips ( which have not just been tipped)

  • Is the back fence area clear of litter

  • Is the front area clear of litter

  • Are Gas canisters stored in cages provided

  • Are battery box lids on

  • Are skips uncontaminated from non designated material

Weighbridge Yard Area

  • Is the yard around the weighbridge clear of waste

  • Has Yard Area been swept

  • Are all Pedestrian walkways clear and accessible

  • Is all Signage in order around weighbridge

Welfare Area

  • Are external seats clean of litter & tidy

  • Is Welfare unit clean and tidy inside

  • Have toilets been cleaned

  • Is soap and toilet rolls available

  • Are there any leaks on water supply

  • Are all lights working and in order

  • Is external waste bin empty

RDF /Bale store Area

  • Is floor clear of excess litter

  • Are baled areas defined and clear

  • Are all pallets stored correctly and ready for disposal

  • Are there any Wrapped bales requiring re-wrapping

  • Are Bales stacked safely

  • Are Bales accessible

  • Is Ramp Clear and clear from excess litter

BIO Mass

  • Is bio Mass Area clean

  • Is Bio Mass Operational

  • Are drying floors clear of litter

  • Has all ash been disposed off

  • What is the wood bay volume and free of other contaminants

  • Is the Bio mass bunker filled

  • Has any wood been swept up


  • Is the waste oil tank clean with no Oil residues

  • Is the spill kit available and fully stocked

  • Is the pit barriers in place when no vehicles in place

  • Is the fence line clear of waste and and litter

  • Is the fence line tidy and clear

  • Is the front of the maintenance area tidy and clear

  • Is the pedestrian Walkway accessible

  • Are all scrap skips clean and tidy in Maintenance area

  • Is workshop floor clear of items which can cause slips /trips or falls

  • Are all staff observing the pedestrian walkway

Access Road and fence Lines

  • Is the fishing pond fence line undamaged and posts sound

  • Is the Vehicle wash pit clean and free from Mud and waste

  • Is the back area tidy of floor waste

  • Is access clean of mud . To ensure no mud escapes site

Weather Conditions

  • Please confirm Weather conditions

  • Any other site issues

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