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Decon equipment

  • How long can you sustain a decon operation before you would need mutual aid?

  • Decon tent?

  • Is it serviceable?

  • Does it fit the needs of your hospital

  • Do you have a Hospital Decon policy?<br>copy must be attached with this audit.


  • How many does your hospital have?

  • When are they checked?

  • Who checks them? (Name)

  • Where are the inspection sheets kept?

  • Does your hospital have an adequate amount?

  • Do you have filters that are still in date?

  • Do you have infection control PAPR'S?

  • List serial numbers of all PAPR's

  • Where are they kept?

  • How many batteries do you have?

  • What model # are they?

  • What model charger do you have?

  • Do you have enough batteries for your hospitals usage in an event

Surge Supplies

  • Do you have a portable cots for surge?

  • If yes how many?

  • Where are they located?

  • Do you have linen assigned for them?

  • Have you ever set them up ?

  • How many ventilators does your hospital have?

  • Does your hospital have a surge plan?<br>A copy must be attached to this audit.<br>

  • Has your hospital signed a draft of the regional Crisis Standard Of Care plan?<br>A copy must be attached to this audit.

Mass Fatality Supplies

  • Does your hospital have post Mortum kits?

  • How many?

  • Does your hospital have any other mass fatality supplies?

  • What is the morgue space of your facility?

  • Does your county Public Health have a mass fatality trailer?

  • Does your hospital have a mass fatality plan?<br>A copy must be attached to this audit.<br>

  • Does your county have a mass fatality plan?<br>A copy must be attached to this audit.

Isolation supplies

  • Do you have a Mintie Isolation unit?

  • Where is it located?

  • Have you ever set it up an trained with it?


  • How many kilowatts does your hospital generator produce?

  • Do you have any portable generators?

  • If so, how many?

  • What is their wattage?

  • How often do they get checked?


  • Where is your southern link located?

  • Does it work?

  • Do you have radios other than the ER EMS radio that you can use to talk to the county EOC?

  • If so where is it located?

  • When was it tested last?

  • Does your hospital have other radios you use?

  • Do the staff know how and when to use them?

  • Have you used your regional radio?

  • Can you reach all of the region L hospitals with it?


  • If your hospital had to evacuate where would you go?

  • How long would it take to remove all of you patients to another location?

  • Have you ever exercised this process?

  • Do you have adequate equipment for a total evacuation?

Water shortage

  • Do you have water stored for emergency usage?

  • How long can you sustain yourself before you would need mutual aid?

  • Do you have a plan for sewage disposal in the event of a prolonged water outage?

  • Does you hospital have a water outage plan?<br>A copy must be attached to this audit.


  • Do you have a cache of drugs that used only in the event of an emergency?

  • If so list type and quanity

  • Are you a Chem-PAC location?

  • What is the procedure for requesting a Chem PAC to be sent to your hospital?

Alternate care sites

  • How many do you have an MOU with?

  • When was the last time the MOU was updated?

  • Have you visited the sites lately to see if they still meet your needs?

  • How long will it take you to open up a Surge site when the need for one becomes a reality?

  • What equiptment do you currently have on hand that is designated for surge site operations?

  • Do you have staffing to support a surge site operation past 24 hours?

  • Do you have electronic device operations in these surge sites?

  • If not how do you plan on keeping clerical and clinical records?

  • Have you trained staff on this procedure?

RCH role

  • In a disaster what are your hospitals expectations of the RCH?

  • What supplies do you need the region to stock pile for an emergency?

  • How can the RCH help you more efficiently on a daily basis in an non emergency role.

Regional command center

  • Would a member of your organization be willing to become a part of a regional ICS structure in the event of an emergency?

Public health roles

  • What is you're expectation of pubic health in an emergency?

  • Have you worked with your local health department in stock piling supplies for your hospital in the event of a disaster?

  • What do you expect from the public health HCL person in our region?

Receiving patients

  • Has you hospital per accepted patients from the coastal area if there is a hurricane evacuation?

  • If so how may can you recieve?

  • Could your local EMS provider respond to the coast and pick those patients up if needed.

  • What type of supplies would you need to receive these patients?

Medical supplies

  • Do you have a cache of medical supplies for disaster use only?

  • If so, have these supplies been rotated and inspected within the past year?

  • What supplies do you stock pile?

  • Can these supplies be used by other healthcare facalities if needed?

  • What supplies do you need stock piled in the region for this?


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