Elevator Maintenance for Emergency Operations

Check for the availability of the key used to initiate a recall of elevators. A separate key shall be provided for each switch.

Recall the elevator to the recall level by use of the "Phase 1 recall switch" located in the lobby of the designated landing

Verify that the same key can be used to initiate Phase 2 operation in the car

Verify if the in-car Fire Operation switch functions as follows: (Switch should be marked as either "OFF-ON" or "OFF-HOLD-ON")

Verify that constant pressure of the car door buttons (in both the open and close directions) is required to complete a full door open or full door close sequence. Where no door close button is provided, constant pressure of a floor button is permitted.

Verify Phase 2 operation (by use of the in-car fire operation switch) by running the elevator a minimum of one floor. (Buildings with several floors should be tested over more floors)

Upon arrival at a floor, operate the doors by completing a full door open or full door close sequence. Verify that during closing obstruct any electronic door opening device to ensure it is rendered ineffective.

Register a Call: When in the “ON” position floor selection is established by means of registering a car call and closing of the doors

Cancel a Call: By momentary use of the "HOLD" position. If there is no “HOLD” position, in a two position switch, momentary use of the “OFF” position shall cancel car calls. When provided, the ‘Cancel Call’ button shall cancel car calls.

When in the “HOLD” position with the car at a landing other than the recall level and the doors is in a fully open position, a car call may not be registered and the car door shall not be able to close.

When in the “OFF” position and the car is at a landing other than the recall level, the doors shall close automatically and when the doors reach the fully closed position, the car shall return automatically as if on ‘Phase I recall’ to the designated landing or the recall level.


Record of findings

Name & Signature of Inspector