Employee Engagement Survey



Did you receive induction training on commencement?

Did the Supervisor work through a training programme on a one to one basis?

Do you have/use the one to one booklet to refer to during your work?

On a scale of 1-5, where '1' means extremely unhelpful and '5' means extremely helpful, what score reflects how helpful you felt the training was at the commencement of your role?

Did a Supervisor discuss your training needs with you on commencement?

Do you feel that you are 'coached' on the job?

Valuing "Me" as an Employee

Do you feel like you are recognised when you have done a good job?

On a scale of 1-5, where '1' means extremely undervalued and '5' means extremely valued, what score reflects how valued you feel within the Company?

My Supervisor/Manager consults me on matters of importance to me?

My Supervisor/Manager makes me feel that my work counts?

My Supervisor/Manager treats me fairly?


Does your Supervisor/Manager give you feedback on how you perform? (Please give an example)

How does this feedback make you feel?

Does your Supervisor/Manager make it clear what is expected of you?

Do you feel like your line manager/supervisor is open and honest when communicating with you?

My Supervisor/Manager is supportive if I have a problem?

My Supervisor/Manager keeps me in touch with what's going on?

My Supervisor/Manager listens to me if I have any suggestions to make?

On a scale of 1-5, where '1' means extremely likely and '5' means extremely unlikely, how likely are you leave the company?

Would you recommend the company to a friend or a relative as a good place to work? (please give reasons)

Customer Experience
On a scale of 1-5, where '1' means extremely unimportant and '5' means extremely important, how important do you view your role in relation to the Customer?

Please give reasons for your previous score?

Do you feel valued by the Customer?

Please use this space to add any further comments, (positive or negative), that you wish to add in relation to working with the Company.