Connect Overview

Is End User on Work order present?

Fibre Broadband - Pre-installation Customer Approval (person to be over the age of 18) if End User is not Present


Contact No.?

If you are not the person who ordered service (the end user), please confirm that you are authorised to represent the end user.
Consents Required

Right of Way

Multi Dwelling Unit

Is the End User the Property Owner?

Building Owner/Representative Name?

Contact Details?

Dog on site?

Locked Gate?

Build Out Side Boundary (OSB)

Is the boundary drop present?

What surface type is the Tube Breakout/Locate in?

Please add photos and description in Installation description below

What surface type is the Boundary drop in?

Please Add photo to description below

Netmap Screen Shot

Traffic Management

Build Inside Boundary (ISB)
Build Work types

Build Distance

Did the customer install the duct?

Is a Draw wire present?

Is the duct at the same location as the Boundary Drop

Short Description of work required to connect to boundary drop location?

Is the duct Present on Both ends

Is the duct at the same location as the Boundary Drop

Short Description of work required to connect to boundary drop location?

Connect inside House

What type of Instillation?

Description of Installation

Detailed description of Full installation

Photos of Full installation
Outside Property Consent

Trenching in Garden and/or Grass?

Cutting of Driveway and/or Footpath?

Installation of Conduit?

Removal of Concrete/Tiling/ Cobbles/Pavement/Asphalt?

Installation of Box (ETP) on outside of the house?

Exposed surface cabling on house?


Inside Property Consent

Drilling Small Holes?

Cutting holes in walls?

Installation of Conduit/Capping?

Please note we will be installing Additional Surface mounted Equipment including Additional wiring to connect the Equipment to power and the modem.


End User Terms Enable Networks Limited

End User Terms can be found on line here: (The Planner will also provide you with a hard copy)

Have the customer signed the End user Terms Hard copy?

Please add photo?
Alarms and other services that work over a copper telephone connection

Some people have third party services (e.g. monitored alarms, Sky TV, EFTPOS terminals) in their home or business
that require a copper telephone connection in order to work. Many of these services, but not all, can be reconfigured
to work over fibre broadband. Please indicate following what services are at your premises if any.


Monitored Alarm

Sky TV


It is your responsibility, not Enable’s, to work with the provider of these specific services to verify that they will work
over fibre broadband, once the copper connection is disconnected. Enable cannot take responsibility for ensuring
these services work.

I accept that Enable has no responsibility for ensuring third party services work over my new fibre broadband service.

Special conditions relating to monitored medical and fire alarms

Recognising the critical nature of monitored medical and fire alarms, Enable requires you to contact the
provider of these specific monitored services prior to your fibre installation to confirm that your monitored
alarm will work over fibre broadband. Please confirm as applicable:

I don’t have any monitored medical or fire alarm services at my premises.

I am retaining a copper connection to run the monitored medical or fire services.

I have contacted my monitored alarm service provider and they have confirmed that my alarm will work over fibre broadband.

Signed Consent

I confirm that:
- I have seen, read and understood this information and the end user terms and accept those terms; and
- If I am not the owner of the property, I have obtained the consent of the owner for the installation works; and
- I understand that there may be an impact on the operation of burglar and medical alarms, particularly monitored alarms. [Note: check with your alarm provider or telecommunications service provider]

By signing below I agree to all described in the above document and note that this document is legally binding.

I have read and agree to Enable's End User Terms

End User Signature:
Authorised Enable technician: