Drains (floor and sink) clear and free flowing

Taps free from drips

Fridge clean, good condition

Microwave clean and maintained

Oven/stove safe and clean

All skirting boards wiped down and clean

Are all cupboards/drawers empty and clean


Have all skirting been wiped down and clean

Is under the bed/mattress been cleaned

Has all windows/mirrors been cleaned and have no smear marks?

Has all floor been hoovered/mopped

Are all door frames/doors clean

Are all inside cupboards/wardrobes clean including drawers and doors


Is the sink clean

Is the shower/bath clean

Are the windows/mirror clean and smear free

Is the skirting board clean and dust free

Is the toilet clean including underneath the toilet bowl

Living Area

Is all seating clean including under cushions

Is skirting boards and ledges clean

Has floor been mopped/hoovered

Is shelving clean


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