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  • Have you confirmed that all building occupants are not currently suffering from COVID-19, nor do they have COVID-19 symptoms (potentially positive but undiagnosed), nor have they recently been deemed a close person contact of someone who is suffering from COVID-19?

  • Have you reviewed Ecomad's COVID Safe Plan recently?

  • Are you wearing a face mask?

  • Has the resident (home owner) signed and understood Moonee Valley City Council’s Participation Form?

  • Does the resident have any pets? If so, are you comfortable with their presence or are they appropriately restrained?

  • Have you discussed any potential for interactions with wildlife e.g. snakes and spiders with the resident?

  • Have you discussed any known (or potential) slip, trip or fall hazards with the resident – particularly if it has been raining

  • Have you ensured there is a safe location to inspect ceiling insulation? Have building occupants been informed to keep a safe distance during this part of the Scorecard Assessment, especially if ceiling access is near a doorway or a point of thoroughfare? Note: the inspection will not involve physically climbing into the ceiling space and/or moving around the ceiling space

  • Does the ladder being used come with an "industrial" rating?

  • Have you discussed the cleanliness of the chimney cavity with the resident, if there is one, to assess whether a dust mask is required for inspection

  • Have you discussed and identified the best way(s) to exit in the event of an emergency with the resident

  • Have you ensured that the location of the vehicle used to travel to the residential address is parked in an appropriate location; ask the resident that it is secure and unlikely to obstruct other motorists

  • Signature of Scorecard Assessor upon completion

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