Engine 1 Weekly Inventory

Front Bumper

no label

100' 1 3/4" Trash Line


no label
D1 Top Shelf

Gated Wye

Cellar Nozzle

1 1/2" Adjustable Nozzle

Double Male

Double Female

D1 Middle Shelf

4 1/2" Female to 5" QC

2 1/2" Female to 5" QC

2 1/2" Male to 5" QC

Foam Tip

Rubber Mallet

Garden Hose Adapter

1 1/2" NPT to 1 1/2" NH Adapter

Sprinkler Stopper

FDC Knox Key

2" to 1" Hose Adapter

Foam Pail Wrench

Booster Reel Crank

Duct Tape


D1 Bottom Shelf

2 Spanners

4 QC Spanners

Tool Box

Hack Saw
Pry Bar
SAE Socket Set
Metric Socket Set
Side Cutter
Putty Knife
Black Tape
SAE/ Metric Allen Wrenches
3- Vise Grips

First Drawer:
4- Phillips Screwdrivers
3- Straight Screwdrivers
6- Nut Drivers
5- Torx Drivers
Tire Gauge

Second Drawer:
Channel Lock Pliers
Needle Nose Pliers
3- Adjustable Wrenches
Battery Pliers
Metric Wrenches (6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 17, 18, 19)
SAE Wrenches (1/4, 5/16, 11/32, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, 3/4)
8" Pipe Wrench
10" Pipe Wrench

Adjustable Hydrant Wrench

25' Section of 5" LDH

2 1/2" Fill Hose

D2 / Wheel Well

no label

Water Rescue Equipment

2 150' Water Rescue Rope Bags

4 PFDs
1 Medium
2 Large
1 XL
Each Equipped with Whistle and Knife

2 Rope Throw Bags

Hose Inflation Tool

Wheel Well

2 Spare SCBA Cylinders

2 Wheel Chocks


no label
D3 Top Shelf

2 1/2" Stacked Tips

Combo Ram 2 1/2" Nozzle

2 1/2" Adjustable Nozzle

2 Flood Lights

RAM w/ Stream Straightener

2 2 1/2" Smooth Bore Nozzles

4 Electrical Adapters

Junction Box

D3 Bottom Shelf

20# ABC Extinguisher

CO2 Extinguisher

Pump Can Extinguisher

Electric Fan

25' Extension Cord

100' Extension Cord

Water Cooler


950' of 5" LDH

200' of 2 1/2" Pre-Connect with Nozzle

300' of 2 1/2" Flat Load with Gated Wye

400' of 2 1/2" Flat Load (High Rise Load)



10' Folding Attic Ladder


24' Extension Ladder

14' Roof Ladder


Booster Reel and Rewinder

4 Stair Step Cribbing

Hydrant Bag

Adjustable Hydrant Wrench
4 1/2" Female to 5" QC
2 1/2" Female to 5" QC
2- QC Spanners
2- Spanner Wrenches
Double Male
2 1/2" Gated Valve
Square Hydrant Wrench
Pentagon Hydrant Wrench


6'Pike Pole

12' Pike Pole

Top Compartments


6 Buckets of Class B Foam

2 1/2" Class B Foam Eductor

Class A Foam Pick Up Tube


Rescue 42 Struts (2- Long 2- Short)

Rescue 42 Bag of Straps

Stream Straightener

Stacked Tips

LDH Hose Clamp

3-Way Siamese

Monitor Base


Water Rescue Equipment

2- 300' Water Rescue Ropes

4 Bags Oil Dry

Scoop Shovel

Trash Hook

2 Fire Swatters


RDC with Paddles

Rescue Sling

100' Rope Bag


no label
P3 Top Shelf

Chain Saw

Chain Saw Kit

Pre-Mixed Gas

Junction Box

Fire Line Tape

P3 Middle Shelf



Trash Bags

1 Vinyl Tarp

1 Canvas Tarp

3 Poly Vinyl Tarps

P3 Bottom Shelf

2 Buckets of Oil Dry

6 Collapsible Traffic Cones

12 4x4 Square Cibbing

6 Wedge Cibbing

Hurst Electric Cutter/ Spreader

P2 / Wheel Well

no label
P2 Top Shelf

Andax Tank Trap

High Rise Bag

2 1/2" Gated Wye
5' of 2 1/2" Hose
2- Spanner Wrenches
5- Wooden Wedges
5- Webbing Straps
Vise Grips
1 1/2" NPT to 1 1/2" NST Adapter
1 Velcro Strap
1 Pressure Gauge


Search Rope

P2 Bottom Shelf

200' Utility Rope

High Rise Load (100' 1 1/2" with Smooth Bore Nozzle)

High Rise Load (100' 1 1/2" with Combination Nozzle)

3 Hose Straps

P2 Wheel Well

2 1/2 Gallon Pressurized Water Can

2 SCBA Cylinders


no label
Tool Board

Pry Bar

D-Handle Square Shovel

D-Handle Spade Shovel

Manhole Cover Hook

4 QC Spanners

Flathead Axe

Crow Bar

Pick Head Axe

Adjustable Hydrant Wrench

2 Spanners

Married Pair with K Tool

2 D Handle Closet Hooks

8lb Sledge Hammer

Bolt Cutters

Pick Head Axe

Hydra Ram

Discharge Override Crank

Pry Axe

P1Top Shelf

Vacuum Splints

Vacuum Pump
Small Splint
Medium Splint
Large Splint
1 Roll of Cloth Tape

Trauma Bag

5- Adult Adjustable C-Collars
Polar Shield Blanket
5- Ladder Splints
Saran Wrap
5- Bio Hazard Bags
5- Trauma Dressings
Adult Ambu Bag

Pediatric Bag

Child BP Cuff
Child Stethoscope
2- Oral Airway (40mm and 60mm)
PEDS Ambu Bag
OB Kit
Adjustable PEDS Collar
2- 4x4's
2- 5x9's
Trauma Dressing
PEDS O2 Mask
Cloth Tape
Bulb Syringe
Infant Ambu Bag
Child Ambu Mask
Cling Roll

P1 Middle Shelf

Medical Bag

Adjustable C- Collar
Adult B/P Cuff
Child B/P Cuff
XL B/P Cuff
Paramedic Shears
Window Punch
Emesis Bag
2- Trauma Dressings
3- HEPA Mask
8- 4x4 Bandages
8- 5x9 Bandages
6- Cling Rolls
Triangle Bandage
Vaseline Gauze
Oral Airways (100mm, 90mm, 80mm, 60mm, 40mm)
Nasal Airways with KY (28/32 French)
5- KY Packets
Sharps Container
Red Sling
Pocket Mask with 1 Way Valve
Glucose Paste
Cloth Tape
Plastic Tape
EMS Field Guide
Spanish Cards
Pen and Paper
Hand Sanitizer
Cold Pack
Hot Pack
2- Bio-Hazard Bags

Medical Equipment
King Lt Airways
Red Expiration
Yellow Expiration
Purple Expiration
Baby Aspirin
Aspirin Expiration
Blood Sugar Testing
Glucometer Testing
Glucose Gel Expiration
Adult 1 Expiration
Adult 2 Expiration
Pediatric Expiration
P1 Bottom Shelf

Airway Bag

2- Nasal Cannulas
2- Non-Rebreather Masks
Extra Ambu Mask with Syringe
Adult Ambu Bag
Ammonia Inhalants
Oral Airways (100mm, 90mm, 80mm, 60mm, 40mm)
Nasal Airways with KY (28/32 French)
5- KY Packets
Pulse Oximeter
Thomas ET Holder
3- King LT Airways (Red, Yellow, Purple)

Large Orange Sling

P1 Bottom

Little Giant Ladder


3- 200' 1 3/4" Crosslays

Long Spine Board with Straps

Push Broom

Rear Cab Area

4 Box Lights

3 Survivor Lights

3 Davis Clark Headsets


2 Search Rope Bags

Drivers Side Doghouse

Digital Camera

Elevator Keys


David Clark Headset Adapter

9v Batteries


Pocket Mask

2 Tubes of Pig Putty

Terrorism Guide

Emergency Response Guide

Spare Hurst Battery

Pet O2 Maks

Blue Towels

Pub Ed Materials

Observers Vest

Passengers Side Doghouse

MSA 4 Gas Monitor

MSA 4 Gas Pump Probe

Suction Unit


3 Pairs of Spikey Feet

3 Pairs of Safety Glasses

Thermal Imaging Camera

Officers Seat Area

Survivor Light


Spot Light

Apartment/ Knox Box IC Map Book

UIHC Map Book

Accountability Board/ Tag

2 Garage Door Openers

Knox Keys

Pen/ Paper

Cellphone/ Charger

David Clark Headset

Johnson County Road Map

EMS Protocals

A Tool

Vehicle Registration

Medical Report Clipboard

Throughout Cab
Engine Info


4 Portable Radios

Fuel Key

Medical Gloves