Design Stage 1

Client specification received by means of
FMEG04 or via email and configuration sheet (if required) follow PREG05

Design specification FMEG03

Formal review may be recorded on audio device but actions shall be captured on

Design stage 1 sign-off

Design Stage 2

Conceptual design

Informal reviews

Perform HAZID (FMHS42) to precede the full DRA/FMEA

Agenda FMEG02 Formal review may be an audio recording, actions captured on FMEG13

Design stage 2 sign-off FMEG10

Design Stage 3

Detailed design


Informal design reviews

Agenda FMEG02 Primary & secondary structure formal review may be an audio recording, actions captured on

Staggered design stage 3 sign-off

Design Stage 4

Released drawings are printed and submitted with supporting documents for checking

Drawings are checked by a competent person the “checker”

Checker marks amendments required in RED

Checker feeds back to the originator the reasons why the drawing needs reworking.

Originator updates drawing or document and marks check print in green when complete.

Mark approved data with YELLOW
Checkers notes marked in BLUE

Design Stage 5

Obtain the relevant project codes from either Operations or Finance

Within the EPDM vault create a new product, completing the data card fields as required including the product description. EPDM automatically creates the product folder and its standard sub-folders.

Within EPDM generate XML list

Release the CAD files in line with ECOP02 PDM System

Upon release PDM will automatically create a PDF file of a released drawing and save a copy into 13. CAD data in the specific project folder in the Vault.

Within 15. Document Transmittal folder in the specific project folder create a document transmittal and then save as a PDF

Collate the drawing file PDFs and transmittal from the specific project

Using the standard Engineering File Issue email template situated on each users desktop attach the drawings and transmittal as PDFs.