• Inspection area

  • Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Inspection team

Licence conditions (L8117/2006/7)

  • Have the beds been sampled?

  • Are the beds free of rubbish?

  • Is the Landfarm designed such that the ingress of uncontaminated stormwater is prevented?

  • Is the design of the landfarm such that any contaminated runoff for the treatment cell is contained?

  • Is the active bed maintained with a suitable soil thickness (30cm)?

  • Is the moisture and nutrient levels within the soil, a suitable content to ensure biological activity?

  • Has the landfarm been aerated (tilled) in the past 4 weeks?

Run off pond

  • Pond level acceptable?

  • Ponds free of rubbish/vegetation?

  • Is overall house keeping ok?

Summary of actions

Sign off

  • Environmental Team Sign Off

  • Department Supervisor or Superintendent sign off

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