• HSE-000000000000014329

  • Hope Downs 1 Environmental Contact Inspection 2013

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

Environment Contact Inspection audit number: HSE-000000000000014329

Previous inspections

  • Are there any outstanding action items arising from previous contacts, internal audits, inspections etc?

  • Have the created actions been effective in addressing the issues raised?

Hydrocarbon and chemical management

  • Drums stored correctly?

  • Storage facility adequate?

  • Integrity of bunding?

  • Adequate and complete spill kits?

  • Area free of spills or leaks?

Chemical management

  • Storage cabinets adequate?

  • MSDS available?

Drainage and water management

  • Sumps/traps well maintained?

  • Drains free flowing and free of rubbish/vegetation?

  • Overall maintenance of work area?

Waste management

  • Waste segregation?

Dust management

  • Visible dust levels satisfactory?

  • Water sprays fitted and operational.

  • Spillage levels kept to a minimum?

Summary actions

Sign off

  • Environmental Team Representative

  • Area Superintendent/Representative

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