• Inspection area

  • Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Inspection team

General ANFO area

  • Housekeeping is acceptable, no rubbish or unauthorised items in the yard?

  • Area free of weeds?

Chemical/hydrocarbon management

  • Evidence of spills or leaks?

  • Are drums and bulkys stored correctly?

  • Are spill kits available and stocked?

  • Are storage facilities adequate?

  • Are MSDS's available and in date for chemicals used in area?

Drainage management

  • Is the sump/traps well maintained?

  • Drains free flowing and free of rubbish/vegetation?

  • Are there any storm water run-off problems?

  • Are sediment levels OK in sump?

Wash pads

  • Any leaks or water loss evident?

  • Is run off being captured and directed to sump?

  • Is overall house keeping ok?

AN management

  • Evidence of spills or leaks?

  • Integrity of bundling/building OK?

General procedural/behavioural

  • Do procedures contain environmental content where required or are employees aware of the correct procedures to follow?

  • Are employees aware of the requirement to report environmental incidents?

Sign off

  • Environmental advisor sign off

  • Area supervisor/superintendent

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