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  • Containers properly labeled

  • SDS location known and readily available. Spill kits are available in areas that are needed.

  • Flammable liquids, chemicals, and medication properly stored.

  • Sharps containers are no more than 3/4 full; syringes disposed of properly

  • Laundry stored in bags or covered hampers. Carts have solid bottom shelf. Clean linen carts have covers in use.

  • Biohazard waste storage safely and in proper containers for appropriate waste stream.

  • Biohazard waste storage room locked.

  • Alcohol based hand cleaner is stored properly and within expiration date. Ultrasound gel containers are dated when opened and discarded in 30 days.

  • Eye wash stations tested and documented weekly.

  • Soiled linen and trash receptacles larger than 32 gallons (including recycling containers and confidential bins) are located in a room protected as a hazardous area. If the bins are less than 32 gallons,they must be at the minimum of 8 feet apart.

  • Staff Knowledge: Can you tell me how to access Safety Data Sheets Inventory and/or how to get a SDS of a chemical?<br>Correct Answer: Online through our intranet website, hard copy in the ER, poster with phone number, phone sticker, or hard copy in the unit.

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